Advertising Policy

Last Update: 12/20/2018

Advertising quality control

Although advertising in Spain is regulated by the General Advertising Act 34/1988, of 11th of November, at inviTRA we consider that our commitment with patients and transparency require additional criteria to the ones established by this Act, hence that we have created this page to show our advertising policies in detail.

Advertisers do not influence our contents

We do not depend on any third company. inviTRA is a completely independent, unbiased entity.

No advertiser, contributor, or company can offer or promote his services or products outside the space created for that purpose under the name “Advertising”. Thus, advertisers cannot influence the information we provide through our articles or our editorial policies. This is a key premise that makes our editorial policy a rigorous and unbiased one.

By no means will we allow ads that contain:

  • Miracle or fraudulent treatments
  • Offensive or discriminatory content
  • Medications or fertility products that do not comply with the European regulations

inviTRA shows Google Ads. We have no control over the ads shown and our editorial contents are not influenced by any commercial products or services. Control of ads is coordinated based on .

The spaces that contain a banner ad or Google ad will be distinguished by a tag containing the word “Advertising” and/or “Google Ads”.

Location of advertising spaces

When a banner campaign is active, advertisement is distinguished by the word “Advertisement”, and may appear in two different formats:

  • Environment: advertising space that covers the external, unused environment of the website with information about the advertiser.
  • Low Post: advertising space that is published at the end of articles.

Imagen: advertising-spaces-invitra

Formats & visibility

An advertiser may launch advertising campaigns at inviTRA in the following ways:

Directory and lists of clinics

Clinics published in the clinic directory or included in fertility reports can boost their visibility through the following actions:

  • Being positioned on top of the list of clinics of a particular region
  • Including videos of their facilities
  • Adding more pictures to make the clinic more visible
  • Increasing the number of parameters examined and published on their profile
  • Including more details about the services or treatments available

In spite of this, these advertising options do not affect the analysis carried out in the profile of each clinic, which is done by our analysts independently and objectively based on our editorial quality criteria. In other words, they cannot include in their profile information that has not been rechecked or verified by our team.

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