AVA Peter Clinic

AVA-Peter is a well-known fertility clinic located in Saint Petersburg, where it is famous for its high-tech lab, clever physicians and skilled embryologists.

Among the most developed assisted reproductive technologies that you can find at AVA-Peter, we highlight the following: pre-implantation genetic screening of embryos, embryo donation and adoption, and of course egg donation programs. Besides, AVA-Peter has Euorpe’s unique donor data base with photos of donors.

Opened in St. Petersburg in 1996, this fertility clinic counts on many years of experience. It belongs to the international network of AVA-Clinics, which provides IVF services both across Europe and Russia, all at the same high medical standards.

Within Russia, AVA-Peter is the largest private IVF clinic, which allows them to perform over 3,000 fresh and frozen IVF cycles per year and 400 egg donation cycles.

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