Being a single mother

The number of women who wish to be single mothers in Spain continues to grow each year. This is because more and more women feel that the time has come to become a mother, and that it is not necessary to postpone their maternity wishes to find a partner with whom to have a child.

The profile of the women who wish to become single mothers is: an educated woman with university studies whose career is important to her. After finding occupational or economic stability, she feels that now is the time to have a child.

When a woman decides on embarking on motherhood alone, she visits an assisted reproduction clinic to become pregnant and to start her family. Fertility clinics indicate that up to 20% of women who come to their consultations do so alone.

Becoming a single mother is no easy task as single parent families do not receive much help from institutions. From various associations, these women have come together to fight to obtain more rights. These organisations have also attempted to help those women who are thinking about becoming single mothers by dispelling their doubts and by informing them about their own experiences as to what a single mother’s average day is like.

Single mother

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