Best fertility clinics in Cyprus

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What follows is a selection of the best fertility clinics in Cyprus. This catalogue is based on a comprehensive analysis of their facilities, including the laboratories, as well as the medical team, the services they offer, treatments, and costs. Each profile includes a photo gallery for further details. We recommend that you contact and visit at least 2 or 3 clinics before making any decision. Click here here in case you want us to help you choose the clinic that best fits your needs.

Ledra Clinic
Financing Options
Egg & Sperm Donation
Psychological Support
24 Hour Emergency Care
In-house Laboratory
4 Fertility Treatments
+17 Parameters Examined
Ledra Clinic is an obstetrics and gynecology center located in Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus. It was established by Dr. Takis Georgiou, considered a pioneer within the in vitro fertilization field.
Dünya IVF Clinic
In-house Operating Room
Transparency Policy
Egg & Sperm Donation
24 Hour Emergency Care
In-house Laboratory
En-suite Recovery Rooms
10 Fertility Treatments
+30 Parameters Examined
The private fertility clinic Dünya IVF, located in Kyrenia city, Cyprus North Coast, was established in 2008 and, nowadays, its figures are as high as 1,000 cycles per year, out of which 75% correspond to fertility treatments with donor eggs.
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