Best clinics for egg donation in Czech Republic

What follows is a selection of the best fertility clinics in Czech Republic. This catalogue is based on a comprehensive analysis of their facilities, including the laboratories, as well as the medical team, the services they offer, treatments, and costs. Each profile includes a photo gallery for further details. We recommend that you contact and visit at least 2 or 3 clinics before making any decision. Click here here in case you want us to help you choose the clinic that best fits your needs.

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Prague Region
Financing Options
Transparency Policy
Egg & Sperm Donation
24 Hour Emergency Care
In-house Laboratory
6 Fertility Treatments
+19 Parameters Examined
GYNEM is a family-based company specializing in foreign patients who present fertility problems. The clinic is located in the hearth of Europe: Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. GYNEM has wide experience in the area of assisted reproductive technology (ART).
Moravian-Silesian Region
24 Hour Emergency Care
5 Fertility Treatments
+14 Parameters Examined
REPROMEDA is a clinic for reproductive medicine and preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Their goal is to help more couples make assisted reproduction a success. The slogan that they follow in their work is: "We are helping to start a family."
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