CREA is a fertility clinic located in the city of Valencia, Spain, which is a pioneer in terms of both high quality and the use of cutting-edge assisted reproductive technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of sterility and fertility problems.

This fertility and assisted reproduction clinic has now more than 20 years of experience in the field of Reproductive Medicine and today it has become a reference center due to its care and technological quality, as well as the highest success rates they have reached over the years.

CREA is a certified center according to ISO 9001 and UNE179007 for their IVF laboratories, being the first fertility clinic in the Valencian Community, Spain which has been awarded with both accreditations.

CREA’s purpose is to find the right solution for each case in order to achieve pregnancy, always trying to follow the easiest, safest path. For this reason, here you will find a wide range of fertility treatments that aim at solving any sterility and/or fertility problem.

Available services

Financing Options
In-house Operating Room
Egg & Sperm Donation
Psychological Support
24 Hour Emergency Care
In-house Laboratory

Languages spoken


Available treatments

Fresh Donor Egg IVF Cycle – Exclusive Donor
In Vitro Fertilization / ICSI
IUI with Donor Sperm
IUI with Partner’s Sperm
IVF with Donor Sperm
Reciprocal IVF

Available techniques, treatments & services

In addition to a broad range of treatments in the field of andrology, the following are the different techniques carried out at CREA: artificial insemination (AI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), laser-assisted preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), embryo and egg vitrification, and sperm freezing and banking.

Crea provides comprehensive Egg Donation and Sperm Donation Programs to all their patients, as well as another one devoted to fertility preservation.

A patient support and counseling service is also available for patients who decide to choose CREA as their fertility center. Besides, foreign patients will be supported from beginning to end by CREA’s International Department.

CREA is equipped with BenchTop incubators for embryo culture up to blastocyst stage, which work with low oxygen concentration to reduce oxidative stress on embryonic development to the minimum.

Semen analyses (seminogram), assessments of sperm DNA fragmentation and treatment of cases in which DNA fragmentation is detected through annexin columns (MACS) are also available techniques at CREA.

As for CREA’s Pregnancy Unit, they offer a complete pregnancy program which includes a specific study of implantation failure and pregnancy among women of advanced maternal age diagnosed with low ovarian reserve and/or other fertility problems.

Medical team

Dra. Carmen Calatayud Lliso

Dr. Miguel Ruiz Jorro
Andrology Department Director

Javier Vendrell
Scientific Counselor

Iván Navarro
Statistical Counselor

Dra. Mónica Muñoz
Medical Director

Dra. Paula Ferrer

Dr. Javier Blanes

Dr. Martín Díaz

Dr. Luis García Reboll

Dr. Benigno Escamilla

Natividad Pérez

Gabriela Andrei

Empar Ferrer
IVF Laboratory Director

Patricia Muñoz

Victoria Antequera

Arantxa López
Operating Room Assistant

Juan Bataller
Andrology Laboratory Director

Antonio Barberá

Inma Guillot
Nurse Manager

Merche Valero

Mabel Torres

Amelia Ferrer

Ireen Allan

Moises Tormos
Operating Room Assistant

Francesca Grosso
International Patient Coordinator

Joëlle Lorin
International Patient Coordinator

Rosa Miquel
Marketing & Sales Department

Elizabeth Ruiz
Reception Desk

Ana Isabel Soria
Reception Desk

Amparo Linuesa
Maintenance Services

María José Molina
Maintenance Services

Paqui Molina
Maintenance Services

Pilar Lozano
Maintenance Services

Conchi Linuesa
Administrative Services

Isabel San Félix
Administrative Services

Inmaculada Montón
Administrative Services

Amparo García
Administrative Services

Eugenia Marco

Jesús Sánchez
IT Services

Paloma Ruíz
Financial Coordinator

Ignacio Cabrera
Quality & Financial Coordinator

Healthcare Operating Authorization

Health Center approved by the Spanish Ministry of Health – License number (CNN): 1046000393

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