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Founded by Dr. Michael Doyle, CT Fertility specializes in Reproductive Medicine, Egg Donation and Surrogacy. Since 1991 CT Fertility has created over 5,500 babies for a diverse group of parents from around the world—including clients from over 30 countries, couples and singles, straight and gay, and spanning a wide range of ages.

Based in Trumbull, CT and New York City, and with representatives in London, Barcelona, Stockholm and Tel Aviv, the clinic achieves exceptional results by coordinating every aspect of the medical process, all under one roof, including the finding and prescreening of highly qualified and immediately available local egg donors and gestational surrogates with the assistance of our collaborating agencies.

CT Fertility Services

CT Fertility services include basic fertility testing and treatments, IVF, ICSI, preimplantation genetic screening and diagnosis (PGS/PGD), egg freezing and banking, and embryo donation.

CT Fertility has its own in-house egg donor program and operates one of the oldest and most established IVF laboratories in the USA, with state-of-the-art technology, equipment, protocols, and access to the most currently available genetic technology (such as the new PGS of mitochondrial DNA).

Through the early mastery of the vitrification freezing technology and other protocols, CT Fertility has also established one of the largest and most successful Donor Egg Banks in the world. There is the possibility of choosing between anonymous, known, or semi-known egg donation.

CT Fertility personalizes the parenting journey by offering a wide range of treatment and egg donation options, taking into account your long-term family vision, ethical, legal and financial considerations, personal relationships and priorities, and coping preferences.

Egg Donation Program

CT Fertility’s Egg Donation Programs guarantee a minimum amount of 15-20 fresh eggs. They are comprehensive plans in which laboratory, medications, and embryo transfer costs are included.

Alternatively, CT Fertility has also a shared egg donation program available, in which 10 fresh donor eggs are guaranteed. The price of this plan also includes the laboratory, medications, and embryo transfer costs. For better guidance, you can request a free one-to-one consultation.

Last Update: 04/18/2016
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