Disadvantages of LH

LH hormone is prescribed in assisted reproduction treatments to achieve a pregnancy.

It may have disadvantages if the dose is not correctly adjusted:

Although the luteinising hormone stimulates the synthesis of steroids, a too high LH level may also inhibit the synthesis of steroids. Therefore, too high LH levels may have negative effects on follicle development. Follicles suffer an atresia or an early luteinization.

Too low LH levels show worse results in ovarian stimulation. Therefore, an adequate and more or less constant LH level is needed during ovulation induction.

LH disadvantages

The suitable amount of LH is administered to the patients indicated for using LH as a medicine, this is why the prescription of LH does not have disadvantages.

With regard to the rest of patients, administering LH entails the risk that follicles suffer an early luteinization or an atresia.

In addition, they do not have the advantages that are noticed in the patients indicated for the LH prescription.

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