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Last Update: 12/10/2015

The Russian Federation is one of the most advanced countries in terms of assisted reproductive technologies (ART): its regulations allow the performance of different assisted reproduction techniques.

Besides, costs of assisted reproduction techniques are not too high if compared to other countries where they are allowed as well. These both factors are the main reasons why Russia is a frequent destination for those people who turn to fertility tourism.

Cost of fertility medications

Generally, when we are given the cost of any fertility treatment, additional prices should be added, such as extra visits to the fertility clinic as well as the cost of fertility medications, which is not commonly included within the original price.

Several differences can be found regarding the fertility medications women have to self-administer depending on each treatment. Most expensive medications are those prescribed to women undergoing an IVF cycle using their own eggs, since ovarian stimulation is necessary. Its costs usually are as high as €1,600. As for artificial insemination, even though ovarian stimulation is required, egg production can be triggered with low doses; therefore, these fertility medications usually cost a third of those required for IVF cycles, that is, around €530.

On the other hand, preparation of the endometrium also requires specific medications so that it is ready for the embryo transfer. Patients undergoing both IVF and artificial insemination cycles must take progesterone to achieve the appropriate endometrial thickness.

Women enduring egg donation or embryo donation processes can take advantage of their natural cycle or control it by means of fertility medications. Nevertheless, the latter option is the most common one, since it allows physicians to foresee more accurately how the woman’s body might react and make sure no failure or sudden alteration occurs.

In such case, the cycle can be regulated by taking contraceptives from the previous month. Later, hormone-based drugs will be administered as well as GnRH analogues, estrogens, and progesterone. The costs of these fertility medications are also less expensive than those of IVF cycles; in fact, its prices can be considered the same as those of artificial insemination.

Cost of egg and sperm donation

Fertility treatments including egg donation are the most expensive ones, since the cost of medications and the economic compensation for the donor are usually contained within the price paid to the clinic.

Costs of this treatment may vary greatly according to various factors. Depending on the fertility clinic and the number of donor eggs available, the general price range is between €4,400-€9,000.

Since Russian clinics allow known egg donation as well, economic compensation to donors would be subtracted, which could reduce the price considerably.

Likewise, sperm donation is way more cost-affordable. To calculate its total cost, around 200-500 euros should be added to the chosen treatment, that is, artificial insemination or IVF.

On the other hand, clinics from the Russian Federation offer programs to promote safe pregnancy. Clinics offering this sort of programs guarantee that, if pregnancy does not occur after a certain number of cycles, all costs will be refunded.

Moreover, patients from other countries can resort to programs aimed specifically at international patients. Such programs include airport transfers to the clinic and back as well as collaboration agreements with hotel chains to facilitate access to accommodation.

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      Well, it’s nice to hear that, since I need to use donor eggs but I don’t want to travel to the US. I definitely want my donor to me a known donor, I don’t see the point in using an anonymous person to be deliver the genetic load of my baby, because I also need donor sperm (my husband has been diagnosed with severe azoospermia). Do you have any info about using both donor eggs and donor sperm in Russia?