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Last Update: 04/21/2016

In Ukraine, egg donation is allowed and regulated by the Civil Procedural Code, the Family Code, and the Law of Ukraine “Basis of Legislation of Ukraine about Health Care”.

The main causes why a couple may need donor eggs to become parents are:

Donor eggs are used for an in vitro fertilization cycle (IVF), where they will be fertilized using the prospective father’s or donor sperm.

Once this step is completed, the embryos will be cultured in the laboratory, and only those presenting the best quality will be transferred to the mother’s uterus, since those are the ones with the highest implantation potential, and more likely to give rise to a pregnancy therefore.

For the transfer of these embryos to be carried out, Ukrainian regulations governing assisted reproduction establish that she must have previously signed an informed consent. This is an obligatory step, regardless of whether the gametes come from the receiving couple or have been donated.

Egg donation cost

In Ukraine, egg donation must be an altruistic act. For this reason, the purchase and sale of eggs is forbidden within this country. This, however, does not prevent donors from getting an economic compensation for any inconveniences caused and the potential expenses derived from the egg donation process.

The total cost of the egg donation program includes the compensation given to the donor plus the medical screening, follicular puncture, embryo culture, and embryo transfer to the uterus of the recipient.

It all adds up to between €4,000 and €9,000 with an average cost of €5,511. Anyway, given that the total cost of the treatment may vary from clinic to clinic, these are just approximate prices.

Broadly speaking, whenever the treatment is more expensive than usual, clinics usually have special offers or refund plans in case pregnancy is not achieved in the end.

Fluctuations in the cost of IVF

Before getting started with the IVF cycle, knowing what is and what is not included in the price is crucial, since there may be a cost increase depending on:

Treatment costs may also be higher depending on the location of the clinic, so, if it is done in a big city such as Kiev, the price may increase. Besides, medical appointments are usually not included in the total cost of the procedure.

Nevertheless, no remarkable differences between cycles with frozen donor eggs and with fresh donor eggs can be found, although the success rates of the latter are generally higher.

Patients are advised to ask for an estimate at several clinics, always paying attention to the special features of each particular case, especially when it comes to dealing with foreign patients. Some Ukrainian clinics offer special services aimed at international patients, such as airport pick up or hotel reservation assistance.

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