Economic compesation in sperm donation

In Spain the law doesn’t allow to pay directly for donating sperm. The main characteristic of donation is that it’s an altruistic act done out of solidarity with those who cannot have children.

However, clinics give an economic compensation to donors for all the annoyances that donation implies, such as: blood and urine analysis and continued visits to the reproduction clinics.

Compensation for being donor

Sperm donation lasts approximately 6 months, though this may vary from clinic to clinic. The donor must go weekly to the reproduction clinic and must not have ejaculated in 3 – 5 days, so that donation meets the highest standards of quality. The economic compensation varies between 30€ and 50€ depending on the clinic. A complete process of donation envisage 25 donations, so the total compensation ascends to 1,200€.

The donor is required to sign a contract, so that there’s evidence that he has been properly informed by the centre about what donation consists in. Furthermore, through the contract the donor commits to go to the clinic weekly during a certain period of time. However, this is flexible; during holidays or examinations the donations might be postponed, but there must be good communication with the clinic to organise them.

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