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Russia is the world’s largest country and as so, it receives a high volume of visitors year after year. Out of them, many do so in the pursuit of a fertility treatment that allows them to have a baby. This is either because in their home country the treatment they need is forbidden or, if allowed, the number of conditions established turn it into an unfit treatment for them.

In the field of reproductive medicine, Russia has an advanced set of regulations and affordable prices, two characteristics that make it an attractive destination for European patients. This phenomenon is known as fertility tourism or cross-border reproductive care (CRBC).

Egg and sperm donation are the two most attractive third-party reproduction options for CRBC patients. Taking this into account, the favorable conditions they can find in Russia make it a destination country in order for them to find their way toward parenthood.

Even though the main motivation for the journey is having access to assisted reproduction, taking the opportunity to visit the most important cities in Russia and relaxing there once the treatment finishes is not only common, but beneficial for the final outcome.

Here are some things you should know if Russia is your destination country: it has a continental climate with cold winters, the ruble is the official currency, and the prevailing language is Russian.

Assisted reproduction in Russia

What follows is material information on the major destination cities in Russia for foreign patients who choose this country for struggling with infertility.


Moscow is the capital city of Russia, Europe’s largest city and the 7th largest in area at the global level. Apart from being a city of contrasts from the economical point of view (dire poverty vs. great wealth), Moscow is characterized by the number of bridges surrounding the city.

In spite of its huge size, getting around Moscow is rather easy, as it is equipped with one of the world’s biggest underground public transport networks, which allows you to travel from side-to-side of the city efficiently.

Among Moscow’s most emblematic landmarks, we should like to highlight the following spots: the Red Square, the Lenin’s Mausoleum, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, or the State Tretyakov Gallery.

It is located in the western portion of the country, that is, in the middle of the East European Plain. Moreover, Moscow is Russia’s most important economic center.

Out of the 130 fertility clinics that one can find in Russia, most of them are located in Moscow.

If you travel to Moscow by plane, you can arrive to one os its three main airports: Sheremetyevo International Airport, Domodedovo International Airport, and Vnukovo International Airport. Arriving in Moscow is also possible by train, thanks to the existing good-quality rail connection between Europe and Asia.

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is Russia’s second-best known and touristic city. Situated on the Neva River, at the head of the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea, it is Europe’s third largest city.

It is poetically known as the “Venice of the North” due to the numerous canals that can be found across the city. Ten percent of Saint Petersburg’s total surface is occupied by inland waters. For this reason, one can find 300 bridges just in the city’s downtown, and almost 800 within the main urban territory.

Saint Petersburg’s main tourist attractions are: The Hermitage, Tsarskoye Selo, Peterhof and Constantine Palaces, the Smolny Cathedral, the Church of the Savior on Blood…

Since Saint Petersburg is a major Russian city, and due to its large area, it is not uncommon that a great number of fertility clinics can be found there.

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    1. nya rogers

      Russia is such a beautiful country!! I visited both Moscow and Saint Petersburg… in my opinion St. Petersburg is more lovely for many reasons…. can’t mention just 1! I did my IVF cycle there and after my embryo transfer, my husband and I stayed there for 3 days… best time ever!!