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Florida (United States)
Boca Fertility is an American fertility clinic located in Florida. Its medical director is Dr. Peress and the laboratory is coordinated by Michael. This clinic performs all types of assisted reproduction treatments and also has surrogacy programs.
Florida (United States)
The Center for Reproductive Medicine is a fertility clinic that serves central Florida and consists of two locations: the main location in Winter Park and another office in Celebration. The main office has its own IVF laboratory to offer in-house fertility treatments.
Florida (United States)
Conceptions Florida is a fertility clinic with two locations in the state of Florida. This clinic has an IVF laboratory and an operating room to carry out the assisted reproduction treatments they offer. They also have surrogacy programs.
Colorado (United States)
Conceptions Reproductives Associates of Colorado is a fertility clinic with four different locations in Colorado in which patients have the possibility of undergoing IVF-ICSI, IUI, Egg Donation or Surrogacy. This center also collaborates with professionals in the field of alternative medicine.
Florida (United States)
F.I.R.S.T. is a private American fertility clinic located in Florida. This center has laboratories to carry out the classic assisted reproduction treatments, but it also offers surrogacy services.
Florida (United States)
Fertility & IVF Center Of Miami is a fertility clinic located in the state of Florida that has its own laboratory to perform assisted reproduction treatments. In addition, Fertility & IVF Center Of Miami also offers surrogacy services and financing programs.
Florida (United States)
The Fertility Center & Applied Genetics is a fertility clinic with two offices in Florida. The clinic provides fertility treatments for both national and international patients thanks to the favorable state legislation that allows treatments such as family balancing or surrogacy.
California (United States)
Fertility Center of Southern California is situated in Irvine, California. Its medical director is Dr. Ilene Hatch who offers a broad range of fertility treatments. It is also possible to opt for fertility financing.
Arizona (United States)
The Fertility Treatment Center is a private fertility clinic in Tempe, Arizona, and has its own IVF laboratory and ambulatory surgical center. Due to the country's legislation, this center also allows for third-party reproduction such as surrogacy and egg donation programs.