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What Is Teratozoospermia? – Causes & Treatment

Silvia Fernández Fernández

 Silvia Fernández Fernández
Medical Director of Fertty International
Licence number: 20786-C

Educational background

  • Bachelor's degree in Biology with specialty in Sanitary Biology, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).
  • Master's degree in Cellular Biology. Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

Professional experience

  • Director of Fertty International (Present).
  • Director at the Centro de Medicina Embrionaria (Center for embryonic medicine) (2017)
  • Laboratory Director of Molecular Cytogenetics (2013-2017).
  • Director of the Laboratory for Genetic Preimplantational Diagnosis at Institute Marquès (2009-2013).
  • Genetic biologist of the Genetic Preimplantational Diagnosis Laboratory at Institute Marquès (2005-2013).
  • Embryologist at Institute Marquès (2004-2005).
  • Embryologist at fertility clinic Instituto de reproducción CEFER (2000-2004).

Honors and awards

  • Profesor of the Master's Degree in Human Reproductive Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. (since 2018).
  • Professor of the Master's Degree in Cytogenetics and Reproductive Biology, Autonomous University of Barcelona (2012-2018).

Scientific community involvement

Scientific publications, memberships, and collaborations:

  • Numerary Member of the association for the study of reproductive biologyAsociación para el Estudio de la Biología de la Reproducción (ASEBIR).
  • Broad experience (more than 80 thesis) in the communication of scientific work in national and international conferences.
  • Elaboration of several articles in scientific books.
  • Scientific publications in national and international magazines inthe field of human assisted reproduction and genetic preimplantational diagnosis.

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Last Update: 06/11/2020
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