Donor-egg IVF cost in Cyprus

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Last Update: 01/19/2016

Cyprus is one of the cheapest international destinations for fertility tourism. Costs of fertility treatments in Cyprus are considerably more affordable if compared to other countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom.

One of the most popular fertility treatments among international patients traveling to Cyrpus is egg donation, also known as oocyte donation or ovum donation. It stands for a fertility treatment that is not currently available in every country or, in those countries where it is allowed, regulations governing it do not always fit the needs of all patients.

Cyprus has become a common destination due to its affordable prices and permissive regulations on medically assisted human reproduction.

IVF with donor eggs

The approximate cost of an IVF/ICSI cycle in Cyprus can range from a standard amount of €2,500 to €3,000. However, a series of non-included items must be kept in mind and added to these figures:

  • Medical visits and consultations
  • Medications, both for the donor and the recipient
  • Specific medical tests
  • Additional procedures, e.g. egg donation, embryo cryopreservation, PGD...

In case donor eggs are necessary, the cost of an IVF cycle may increase to €4,500-€5,000. Besides, if you also hire the services of an egg donor agency, the cost estimate of your fertility treatment can run to €9,000-€10,000.

Be it as it may, this rise in the cost of egg donation cannot be considered too high, given that only altruistic egg donation is permitted in accordance to Cypriot Law 69 (I)/2015. This means the reason why the increase in the price of IVF when donor eggs are used is due to the economic compensation given to donors and the medications they have to take.

Before getting started with the treatment, estimating the costs derived from the whole process is both important and advisable. For this cost estimate to be as accurate as possible, we recommend you to ask your fertility clinic for a price list and an approximation of the tests and processes you will require depending on your particular case.

It should be a cost estimate rather than a fixed quotation, since each patient is different and might need to undergo different procedures. Attention should also be drawn to the fact that you will be facing a biological process, which means that unforeseen circumstances that could lead to a plan modification may occur.

You are strongly advised to read the contract throughly and pay close attention to each one of its specifications with reference to medical reports, embryo transfer, surgery costs, consultations, embryo storage, medications, etc.

Fertility tourism

In addition to the costs of medical procedures and assisted reproduction techniques, expenses derived from accommodation, meals, and transport must be borne in mind as well. Even though Cyprus is not exactly an expensive country, travel expenses may experience a slight increase in summer season.

To pave the path towards parenthood, many fertility clinics offer their international patients special egg donation programs with considerable fee discounts in which not only the fertility treatment but also accommodation and airport pick-up are included.

A large number of people decide to take advantage of their journey to undergo a fertility treatment by combining it with their holidays. In this sense, Cyprus turns out to be an enjoyable country to stay in after the emotional exhaustion that the impact of seeking professional help to solve your fertility problems can cause.

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 Andrea Rodrigo
Andrea Rodrigo
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