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Teratozoospermia according to Kruger’s strict criteria

Teratozoospermia according to Kruger’s strict criteria

    • Nagaraju

      Hi, i am a 36 year old diabetic, my semen analysis report as follows:

      Colour: gray white
      Volume: 2ML
      PH: 7.8
      Sperm concentration: 85million/ml
      Total sperm count (millions per ejaculate): 170million/ejaculate
      Progressive: 60%
      Non progressive: 5%
      Total motility: 65

      Sperm morphology
      Normal forms: 8%
      Head defect: 38%
      Tail defect: 42%
      Mid piece defect: 12%

      Vitality (live spermatozoa): 60%
      Pus cells: 1-2%pus cells/mod

      Remarks = mad teratospermia. Dead sperms are more.

      Kindly advice me chances of fertility

      01/01/2018 at 6:51 pm
    • Dear nagaraju,

      Actually, according to the WHO’s criteria (World Health Organization), your values are normal. However, I’m guessing this report has been analyzed following the Kruger’s strict criteria.

      In any case, provided that your doctor considers that yours is a case of teratospermia, it should be a mild case. This post may be helpful: Analysis of Sperm Morphology.

      Ask your doctor for further help.

      Best wishes!

      01/09/2018 at 5:26 pm