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Home insemination or clinical insemination?

Home insemination or clinical insemination?

    • <span  class="bbp-author-name">Tiffany Taylor</span>
      Tiffany Taylor

      Hello everyone,

      I’ve heard about at-home insemination and to be honest I find it super comfortable because it doesn’t only reduce the elevated costs of doing it at a clinic, but also the travel expenses and emotional impact of having to deal with a whole lot of strangers… I personally don’t like to share my personal life with people I don’t know, especially when it comes to dealing with my fertility issues. However, I’m not sure whether I will have the same odds of getting pregnant than with a clinical insemination. What do you think? Does it work equally? Or will I have higher rates if I just have intercourse with someone?

      Thanks for helping, I’m really grateful!

      02/25/2016 at 8:23 am
    • Dear Tiffany,

      home insemination kits are useful for lesbian couples and heterosexual couples suffering from some kind of problem when it comes to having sexual intercourse. However, its success rates are not the same as those reached with a clinical insemination (artificial insemination done at a fertility clinic), mainly because your ovarian cycle is not stimulated, among other reasons.

      The following article may be of interest: Intrauterine Insemination at Home.

      I hope I have been able to help,


      03/11/2016 at 12:01 pm
    • Hi there,

      thanks for letting me in. I’m a 34-year-old woman from Ireland and I’m also considering the benefits of at-home artificial insemination versus those of an IUI done at a clinic. I’ve always been that kind of Catholic girl, but I haven’t found my prince charming yet, and since my fertility status is starting to decline, I’m wishing to inseminate myself at home, all by myself. The problem is that someone told me this: when you are artificially inseminated, you have to experience a kind of “orgasm” feeling right after inserting the semen sample. That is necessary because it means that your body has properly absorbed all the semen inserted, just as it happens when having intercourse. How true is this? Do I have to try masturbating myself firstly and then when I’m going to have my orgasm insert the semen sample? Do you know if this is true and it is helpful?

      Please, I really need this. Thanks!

      03/13/2016 at 2:39 pm
      • Dear Mrs. Kaylor,

        when a woman experiences an orgasm, a series of spasmodic movements take place within her uterus. It is true that such spasms may help the correct penetration of sperm, but this is not a prerequisite. Many women do get pregnant without necessarily having reached an orgasm during intercourse. Anyway, what is really important here is that no penetration takes place.

        I hope I have been able to help,


        03/14/2016 at 9:51 am
      • Hey, how are you? I hope you are doing well. You see, my question is about donor insemination. Do you know where could I get the semen sample? I mean, could I buy it my myself or do I have to visit a sperm bank? Thanks.

        03/15/2016 at 10:09 am
      • Dear NancyAlfaro,

        if you have a partner, you can do it with his semen sample. However, if you wish to become a single mother, then you have to necessarily resort to a sperm bank.

        Best wishes!

        03/15/2016 at 3:08 pm
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