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IVF cycle day 5 but i feel no symptoms or spotting, should i be worried?

IVF cycle day 5 but i feel no symptoms or spotting, should i be worried?

    • Caisy

      I recently had my embryos transferred, i know that i cant be sure for the result until I definitely have my blood test in 21th of this month, but I can’t help but worrie !
      I have no symptoms at all other than some discomfort from the procedure it self ! Is it possible that the embryos didn’t implement? How long do they stay alive without implantation in the uterus?
      It just this is my second IVF cycle, the first one was unsuccessful and i aloso didn’t feel anything special.

      04/12/2018 at 11:42 pm
    • Dear caisy,

      Day 5 after embryo transfer is still too early for you to have pregnancy or implantation symptoms. Moreover, not all women have symptoms after embryo transfer, and it doesn’t mean that the treatment has been unsuccessful.

      My advice is that you keep calm during the two week wait until the day of your beta hCG test. Stress or anxiety are not helpful at all now.

      Recommended reading: Symptoms After Embryo Transfer – Most Common Positive Signs.

      Best wishes!

      04/13/2018 at 8:33 am
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