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ilaya is an Ukrainian medical company located in Kiev which specializes in a wide range of medical fields, including pregnancy, gynaecology and assisted reproductive technology (ART).

Why choose ilaya?

Medical company ilaya's mission is comprised of the following 5 basic values:

  • Human health: ilaya's medical staff cares for every patient, no matter the situation. They will provide you with an individual approach, always trying to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
  • Innovation: ilaya's team has pioneered a number of projects in the field of medicine, thanks to which today they can implement the most effective methods for dealing with infertility.
  • Prevention: It is not only about struggling with whatever the fertility issue, but about making sure no relapse occurs. This can only be achieved by providing a highly-accurate diagnosis from the very beginning.
  • Teamwork: ilaya's medical experts work in a coordinated manner with one another, and are open to listen and clear any doubt that may arise throughout the process.
  • Leadership: ilaya is an industry-leading facility in Ukraine. They are committed to providing you with the highest standards of quality.

Available services

Financing Options Financing Options
In-house Operating Room In-house Operating Room
Transparency Policy Transparency Policy
Egg & Sperm Donation Egg & Sperm Donation
Psychological Support Psychological Support
24 Hour Emergency Care 24 Hour Emergency Care
In-house Laboratory In-house Laboratory
En-suite Recovery Rooms En-suite Recovery Rooms

Languages spoken

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Services and facilities

The clinic is equipped with advanced and sophisticated technology for every field, and has a team full of highly-experienced experts that will care for your health from beginning to end.

Construction of this cutting-edge medical centre began in 2010 and was completed two years later with the creation of this world-class facility, equipped with all necessary technologies to treat different medical conditions, including fertility problems.

You will be treated and supervised by a specialist doctor in the field of reproductive medicine, who will design a personalized plan for each individual or couple in order to give them the highest chance of success.

All screening processes as well as fertility treatments are carried out using high-tech equipment under the safest conditions. Also ilaya has an in-house embryology laboratory and a cryobank for embryo and egg vitrification.

Donation & surrogacy programmes

Sometimes, the only way a person or couple can have a child is by participating in a donor programme. At ilaya, Donor Programmes are available both for couples and women, regardless of their marital status.

In Ukraine, donors can be known third-parties, that is, relatives or close friends of the spouses; or anonymous donors selected from the medical centre's donor database in accordance with the patient's characteristics.

Thanks to the latest breakthroughs in the field of third-party reproduction that have taken place over the last century, ilaya is able to achieve high pregnancy success rates through the use of donor gametes.

Egg Donor Programmes include:

  • Complete medical care throughout the process
  • Follicular puncture
  • Egg fertilization and embryo culture
  • Embryo transfer
  • Monitoring of pregnancy until weeks 11-12
  • Medication for the donor
  • Medication for the recipient

At ilaya’s fertility centre in Kiev, you will find ideal conditions for participating in a donor programme, whether it is egg donation or sperm donation. ilaya will take care of you before, during and after the pregnancy.

ilaya also has a comprehensive Surrogacy Programme for women who cannot carry a pregnancy to term due to a number of reasons. The centre provides a pleasant environment for your IVF cycle and later monitoring of pregnancy.

The medical centre's medical team will help you comprehend all the medical and legal issues involved in the surrogacy programme. You will be supervised by highly-trained specialists and doctors qualified to carry out a successful surrogacy process.

International patients

Today, Medical Company ilaya offers its services not only to patients from Ukraine, but also from Eastern and Western Europe, and Asia.

ilaya's medical team is devoted to helping couples achieve their dream of having a child. Their goal is to turn it into an unforgettable and successful experience.

Their international department is led by experienced specialists and quality service staff, as well as translators, all of them willing to make your stay in Ukraine as comfortable and safe as possible.

ilaya has created a wide range of programmes designed exclusively for foreign patients seeking fertility care in Ukraine. They have been created for national citizens living in a Ukrainian city other than Kiev as well as for foreign patients.

Medical team

Valentina P. Kvashenko
Valentina P. Kvashenko
Medical Director
Irina K. Akimova
Irina K. Akimova
Medical Co-director
Venera E. Doroshenko
Venera E. Doroshenko
Gynecologist / Obstetrician / Fertility Specialist
Tatyana S. Shestakova
Tatyana S. Shestakova
Embryology Department Director
Last Update: 05/25/2016