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Procedure of PICSI

Procedure of PICSI

The process for PISCI is similar to the one for ICSI, with the difference of the sperm selection method.

Once the man has obtained the sample by masturbation and with a period of abstinence of 3-5 days, it is necessary for him to be trained in the laboratory. In this way it is possible to separate the live sperm from the rest of the components of the semen, i.e. the seminal plasma and the dead sperm.

When the seminal sample is qualified, the sperm is selected. For this purpose, a special plate is used on which there are a few drops of a substance similar to hyaluronic acid (HA). Mature spermatozoa, and therefore more able to fertilize the egg, will stick to the HA drops and be easily identified by the laboratory staff.

Finally, these spermatozoa are aspirated and microninjected into the egg in the usual way.

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Last Update: 06/23/2020
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