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Is there a difference between sterility and primary infertility?
By María Calomarde Rees. Last Update: 07/14/2022

Sterility and primary infertility are two different diagnoses that can follow a fertility study in women and men.

On the one hand, sterility is diagnosed in case of total inability to conceive. There are different causes of sterility, which can be observed in the case of dysfunction of the sexual organs or gamete defects. Among the causes of sterility, we have: abnormalities in the testicles, alterations in the FSH and LH hormones, absence of sperm or eggs and genetic abnormalities in the gametes.

On the other hand, we speak of primary infertility when it is impossible to conceive after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse without achieving pregnancy. Unlike sterility, primary infertility does not prevent pregnancy, but the couple may have to resort to assisted reproductive techniques to achieve pregnancy.

In case of primary infertility, we recommend a complete study of the couple, in order to reach a correct diagnosis, and guide the couple towards an adapted and personalized protocol.

What factors influence the price of AI?
By María Calomarde Rees. Last Update: 11/02/2021

Artificial insemination is one of the treatments that is closest to a natural cycle, so its price is lower than other more complex treatments such as fertilization, for example. For an artificial insemination, the cost may depend on several factors:

Whether it is a natural cycle or a stimulated cycle
the artificial insemination can be done following the natural cycle of the patient and performing the insemination itself at the time of ovulation, or with a stimulated cycle with injections of FSH and LH hormones. In case of a stimulated cycle, the patient should expect the cost of the medication.

The number of ultrasounds you will have to perform
although it will depend on the center. There are fertility clinics where the control ultrasounds are free of charge. Some patients will need 3-4 control ultrasounds, and others a little more, depending on follicular development.
Whether it is with partner or donor sperm
artificial insemination can be performed with partner sperm or donor sperm. The second option will involve an extra cost as it will involve the selection of a donor, devitrification and preparation of the sperm on the day of insemination.
If the patient needs a second insemination
in some cases, the patient chooses to have two inseminations in the same cycle: one to be performed a few days before ovulation, and one at the induced time for ovulation.

In any case, the important thing will be to know in advance the techniques and the costs of each technique during a first fertility visit.