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Do insurance companies pay for PGD?

Do insurance companies pay for PGD?

  1. komo

    Does insurance companies pay for PGD, PGS, or any other embryo testing techniques? Also, I would like to know what is the best care provider for IVF treatment

    06/22/2018 at 3:54 am
  2. Dear komo,

    While it is true that it is possible for some couples to get insurance coverage for IVF, it is rare for insurance companies to cover embryo genetic testing, whether it is PGD, PGS, or any other embryo testing technique. Some insurance carriers may require you to obtain pre-authorization in order to verify if it’s appropriate or not.

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    Ask your insurance company for more information.

    I hope this helps,


    06/22/2018 at 9:12 am
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