I’ve been chosen as an egg donor, what’s next?

  1. helpingpeople

    Hello guys! I hope everything is ok with you all. Well, I applied for becoming an egg donor some time ago here in the US and today my clinic notified me that the intended parents have chosen me. I understand that making the ultimate decision of agreeing to find an egg donor is a complicate step in life and involves too much, especially in economic terms, so I know I don’t have the right to complain. See, I don’t know what comes next as this is my first time as a donor and I’ve never ever experienced this. I’ve got an appointment next week and I’m guessing the clinic will explain this to me, but now I can’t wait any longer… Any thoughts? TIA!!

    04/05/2016 at 2:28 pm
  2. Hello helpingpeople,

    once you’re chosen by the intended parents and you have agreed to donate your eggs to them, the next step is signing the agreement. Keep in mind, as you said, that your intended parents may haven been through a lot so by this time they are experiencing mixed feelings. In other words, their hopes are resting on your shoulders, so they will be looking forward to hearing for your updates and progress.

    Now you’ll have to start taking fertility medications (pills, hCG shots… for ovulation induction). Don’t forget that, at this stage, following the medical protocol is of utmost importance, as well as taking care of yourself (e.g. not smoking, being overly tired or stressed…), watching what you eat and drink, etc. This is essential not only for the donation to be successful, but also for your recovery to be as expected. Dedication is the key in egg donation.

    The following thread may be of interest: About the egg donor timeline.

    I hope I have been able to help,


    04/08/2016 at 9:39 am
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