How to make IVF successful the first time

  1. Amily

    Hello, forum visitors!
    You know, I turned to IVF several weeks ago. It was very difficult decision for me and my husband. But it is the only way for us to become parents. So, we chose several clinics to turn to. All the clinics are in different countries. We want to compare them and decide which if them would be better. As far as I know, all the IVF programs are the same. so the main point s are doctors and conditions, price. Three weeks ago we visited one of them. This week we will visit one more clinic. So I am going to take some tests. It is very interesting for me, how this process is run. I am a bit worried. But if it is completely safe, so there is no need to be afraid of it. I hope that the results will be normal. I am ready to try as many times as it is needed. I am 45 and it is the only chance for me to become a mother. So any information about IVF is very useful for me. I know that I should be strong. My relatives help me and support me. So now I don’t hesitate and want to achieve the wanted results. I really want to be a mother. It is my dream to have a full family, so hope I will be able to make my husband the happiest father. IVF is a long and difficult period in my life. I hope that it worth it. I have several questions. First of all, should I take some medicine during the process? what food should I eat or it is not so important? How long will it take to get the results of the tests? How often will I need to see a doctor if I am pregnant? What are possible problems? Please answer my questions. It is very important not only for me, but for the other women. Thank you.

    12/20/2017 at 11:41 pm
  2. Dear amily,

    Thanks for your questions. I will answer each one of them one by one:

    Should I take some medicine during the process?

    Yes, it is necessary to undergo a process called “IVF ovarian stimulation”. Usually, two different injectable medications are used. One to suppress ovulation from occurring before egg retrieval or ovum pick-up. And the other one to stimulate the production of multiple eggs. Commonly, the IVF protocol used is called “long Lupron”.

    What food should I eat or it is not so important?

    There is no particular food that you should eat during IVF stimulation. Just follow a healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamins, proteins, etc. Fruits and vegetables are material to maximize your health and the baby’s.

    How long will it take to get the results of the tests?

    Actually, it varies from clinic to clinic. My advice is that you ask this question to the staff at the clinic of your choice so that they can give you a precise time interval.

    How often will I need to see a doctor if I am pregnant?

    Once you are pregnant, you will have to attend the typical prenatal visits recommended during a normal pregnancy:

    – From weeks 4 to 28: one prenatal visit a month
    – From weeks 28 to 36: one prenatal visit every two weeks
    – From weeks 36 to 40: one prenatal visit every week

    What are possible problems? 

    You can find the answer to this question in full detail here: Potential Complications of IVF.

    Also, I invite you to join the following thread to read the story of other IVF patients, or to even write yours to help other women in your situation: First IVF success stories.

    I hope I have been able to help,

    Lots of luck!

    12/21/2017 at 12:19 pm
  3. You have to make sure either you want to invest in IVF or not. Because it may take some time. It’s not as simple as many of the people think. Because some time it is tough to conceive after IVF. It has two or three stages and in the end, it’s up to your medical condition. Many couples had successful IVF process first time.

    01/24/2018 at 8:31 am
  4. I guess there’s no special formula unfortunately. People all over the world are struggling and hoping for better with ivf treatments. And unfortunately it usually takes more than 1 cycle to achieve pregnancy. All we can do to prepare better is leading a healthy life, eating healthy, doing sports, taking vitamins and supplements prescribed by your dr. For ones it’s the first cycle successful. For others, like me, it’s hopefully the 3rd one only..God/ clinic/country/staff/your body..are the ones to rule here. Too little considerably depends on us..

    05/29/2018 at 3:09 pm
  5. I don’t think there’s a sat of some special tips on how to succeed after IVF shot#1. If there was any – we’d definitely opt for!! All in all, it took us 7 rounds of fertility treatments. both using own and donor egg. This was a huge financial burden for both of us, also family and some close friends. We had to sell our big house with many empty rooms and buy a small flat in order to afford IVF treatments. also previous testings, several fertility experts, as the case was really tough for them. so we wanted to get as more thoughts as possible on the point. Moreover, it’s a huge emotional burden. Not only woman suffers much she cannot conceive, but the man as well. it was hard to watch my dh disheartened over the process. He never showed his despair to me, but I knew he did have some of those tough moments himself. Unfortunately, there’s no secret on how to make the first IVF cycle successful. Many women who’ve been through the treatments might say – it usually takes more than one shot. Even facing the 1st failure, they do try to find some pros. For example, body will get better adjusted to the medications up to the #2. Or that Dr will investigate the possible reasons and do his best to eliminate them for the next round. Or that you’ll have even more time to continue working on yourself. For example, if you need to loose some weight. Or eat more fertility friendly foods. or have enough time to nourish your body with different vitamins and supplements. At least you have more time to heal emotionally which is also crucial for the process. So our last successful try was performed overseas. This was our really last resort, so to say. And our last investment into treatments. I did think of the questions you’ve asked. But the kind fertility expert of the site has answered them the best. Just wanted to add something. If you don’t mind fertility tourism and feel like you could travel to another country for treatments. All the very best for now. Blessings on your way xx

    12/13/2018 at 10:13 am
  6. Before beginning a cycle of IVF, consider important questions, including:
    How many embryos will be transferred? The number of embryos transferred is typically based on the age and number of eggs retrieved. Since the rate of implantation is lower for older women, more embryos are usually transferred. except for women using donor eggs.
    Most doctors follow specific guidelines to prevent a higher order multiple pregnancy – triplets or more – and in some countries, legislation limits the number of embryos that can be transferred at once. (In ukraine, for example, it’s 3 embies at a time) Make sure you and your doctor agree on the number of embryos that will be transferred before the transfer procedure.
    What will you do with any extra embryos? Extra embryos can be frozen and stored for future use for several years. Not all embryos will survive the freezing and thawing process, although most will.
    Cryopreservation can make future cycles of IVF less expensive and less invasive. However, the live birth rate from frozen embryos is slightly lower than the live birth rate from fresh embryos.
    How will you handle a multiple pregnancy? As it poses health risks for you and your babies. In some cases, fetal reduction can be used to help a woman deliver fewer babies with lower health risks. Pursuing fetal reduction, however, is a major decision with ethical, emotional and psychological consequences.
    Have you considered the potential complications associated with using donor eggs, sperm or embryos or a gestational carrier? A trained counselor with expertise in donor issues can help you understand the concerns, such as the legal rights of the donor. You also may need an attorney to file court papers to help you become legal parents of an implanted embryo.

    01/17/2019 at 9:46 am
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