How to use GONAL-f 1050

Gonal-f 1050 contains recombinant FSH (gonadotropin).

This medicine is prescribed in assisted reproduction treatments with the aim of achieving a pregnancy.

How to use Gonal-f 1050:

Powder should be reconstituted with the solvent before use: Gonal-f 1050 should be reconstituted with the 2 ml solvent provided before use.

Gonal-f 1050 preparation must not be reconstituted with any other container of Gonal-f.

The solvent pre-filled syringe should be used for reconstitution only and then disposed of in accordance with local requirements.

A set of syringes for administration graduated in FSH units are supplied in the Gonal-f multidose box.. Alternatively, a 1 ml syringe, graduated in ml, can be used with a pre-fixed needle for subcutaneous administration.

Container Gonal-f 1050

Each mililitre of the reconstituted solution contains 600 IU of recombinant FSH.

The volume that should be injected to administer the prescribed dose is indicated below:

  • Dose of 75 IU: the volume to be injected is 0.13 mililitres.
  • Dose of 150 IU: the volume to be injected is 0.25 ml.
  • Dose of 225 IU: the volume to be injected is 0.38 ml.
  • Dose of 300 IU: the volume to be injected is 0.50 ml.
  • Dose opf 375 IU: the volume to be injected is 0.63 ml.
  • Dose of 450 IU: the volume to be injected is 0.75 ml.

It is administered subcutaneously.

The remaining medicine must be stored in the refrigerator, not frozen, and protected from light.

The reconstituted solution should not be administered if it contains particles or is not clear.

The next injection should be given the next day at the same time.

Always take Gonal-f exactly as your doctor has told you.

Source: European Medicines Agency

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