How to use GONAL-f 75

Gonal-f 75 contains recombinant FSH (gonadotropin).

This medicine is prescribed in assisted reproduction treatments with the aim of achieving a pregnancy.

How to use Gonal-f 75:

  • Powder must be reconstituted with the solvent before use.
  • It is administered subcutaneously.
  • Each vial is of single use.
  • The next injection should be given the next day at the same time.

The reconstituted solution should not be administered if it contains particles or is not clear.

Container of Gonal-f 75

Up to three powder vials can be dissolved in 1 ml of solvent in order to avoid an injection of large volumes.

Gonal-f can be co-reconstituted with lutropin alfa and co-administered as a single injection.

In this case lutropin alfa should be reconstituted first and then be used to reconstitute Gonal-f powder.

Always take Gonal-f exactly as your doctor has told you.

Source: European Medicines Agency

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