I can’t get pregnant

Knowing when it is the right time to become parents is complicated, and is generally attributed to women’s famous biological clock. Once a couple has decided it wishes to start a family, a difficult situation might arise: not becoming pregnant.

If a couple tries to conceive and does not accomplish this, it must analyse what the situation is and, depending on the circumstances, weigh up the options. One of the first factors to bear in mind is the woman’s age. This is because the chances of naturally becoming pregnant for a woman aged 25 years are much higher than for a woman aged over 40.

Another important element is how long the couple has taken in seeking pregnancy. The usual recommendation is to consult a specialist if the couple has been trying for more than 1 year without conceiving. If there is any fertility anomaly or alteration known for either member of the couple, it is not necessary to wait this time before visiting an assisted reproduction clinic.

Becoming pregnant is not a simple process, and couples are recommended to wait a reasonable time before consulting their doctor. The mean time to become pregnant is around 6 months. Provided the mother is aged under 35 years and neither member has a disease, the chances of becoming pregnant are:

  • 60% become pregnant at 3 months.
  • 75% become pregnant at 6 months.
  • 80% become pregnant at 9 months.
  • 90% become pregnant at 12 months.

If after 12 months the woman is not pregnant, her chances of becoming pregnant do not increase by waiting longer. The couple should visit an assisted reproduction clinic for male and female fertility check-ups.

Become pregnant

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