Interaction of GONAL-f with other medicinal products

Gonal-f is a medicine used in artificial insemination, conventional IVF and ICSI during ovulation induction.

When we talk about the interaction of Gonal with other medical products, we are referring to any of the possible formats of the product, regardless of its concentration and dosage.

The concomitant use of Gonal-f with other medicinal products used to stimulate ovulation, such as hCG or clomiphene citrate), may potentiate the follicular response. it’s commonly prescirbed by experts in fertility to trigger a higher ovarian response in women.

The concurrent use of a GnRH agonist or antagonist to induce pituitary desensitisation may increase the dose of Gonal-f needed to elicit an adequate ovarian response.

Interaction of Gonal-f

Regarding the possible interaction of Gonall with other commonly used medicines, no other clinically significant medicinal product interaction has been reported during Gonal-f therapy.

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