Established in 2011, our clinic is dedicated to the issue of infertility diagnosis and treatment and pride ourselves on high success rates that we consistently meet every year.

Our specialists have gained experience at the most reputable centres specialised in reproductive medicine, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Thanks to our professional expertise, we have been able to build a modern centre utilising precise technical equipment, sophisticated processes and effectively trained personnel.

We hope that these solid foundations enable us to provide our clients not only with complex care, but also with comfort, safety and a friendly environment.

We would like to enable our patients to be closely involved in the progress of their therapy, to get a deep insight into the laboratories and fully participate at every step and decision made throughout the length of their path to the desired goal.

All IVF treatments are provided within a package including fertilization by ICSI method, prolonged cultivation, assisted hatching, vitrification and conservation of extra embryos for the period of 1 year.

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