By Neus Ferrando Gilabert BSc, MSc (embryologist).
Last Update: 07/25/2014

At the ninth month of gestation your child will likely drop to the pelvis, placing its head in it; you will notice your abdomen has descended.

Once the baby is settled, it will move less frequently; you will probably feel its kicking, the pressure of the head as it uses your pelvic floor as fulcrum, and weaker arm movement. Nonetheless, you will feel its presence everyday.

Nine months pregnant

If the baby were born this month, it would have more chances of surviving than being born just a month earlier.

The stomach and intestines are already functioning.

Its skin is not wrinkled and is softer, thanks to the fat cells the skin have.

It will grow from nearly 43 cm long at the beginning of the ninth month to approximately 46 cm at the full ninth month. Its weight increases from roughly 1980 grams to an average weight of 2730 gr.

33 weeks pregnant

In the 33rd week your child should have already positioned itself head down, remaining in that position until delivery time.

You can distinguish its back, a feet or its knees

You will feel its movements as strikes and kicks; now it is too big to move freely in the amniotic fluid.

Its skin color it is not reddish but pinkish.

34 weeks pregnant

In the 34th week the skin is getting pinkier, the tone is increasingly similar than the tone it will present at the moment of birth.

With regard to vision, the baby is already able to discern light from darkness, when light is radiating the mother’s abdomen, the baby will feel a reddish brightness.

Your child is now able to suckle and swallow at the same time, that will help the newborn to be breastfeed.

34 weeks pregnant

35 weeks pregnant

In the 35th week, the baby’s medulla will start to produce its own blood cells, that process is called aematopoiesis. This process is very important for the embryonic development.

You may have back aches during that week. The ligaments and muscles that hold the joints of the lumbar region are relaxed.

36 weeks pregnant

In the week 36 your child is almost fully developed, its lungs are close to be completely maturated and can drop to the pelvis at any moment, ready to be born.

When it descends, your abdomen will also descent slightly), and you will breathe with more ease, although you may have to urinate more frequently. During this period Braxton Hicks contractions can start.

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