Nova Clinic

Nova Clinic is a fertility clinic specialized in the field of reproductive medicine through which the performance of the many assisted reproductive technologies available nowadays. From the beginning, Nova Clinic has always seen the incoming of international patients who have stated their satisfaction in terms of quality from beginning to end, that is, when the very moment they visit the clinic for the first time until they finally hold their baby on their hands.

The medical team of Nova Clinic is made up of experts, among which legal assistance can be found as well. A multidisciplinary team of gynecologists, embryologists, urologists, andrologists, experts in genetics and endocrinology is available for you at Nova Clinic. To sum up, this fertility clinic counts on more than 12 years of experience.

Furthermore, Nova Clinic used the latest reproductive technologies to perform in vitro fertilization (IVF). The center is equipped with comfortable rooms ready to be used by those patients who need to rest after undergoing a high-complexity assisted reproductive technology. 24-hour-a-day medical assistance is available as well.

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