Ovitrelle prefilled syringe solution for injection 250 µg/0.5 ml

Ovitrelle is an hCG recombinant: this medicine is prescribed to women in order to stimulate their ovulation during an artificial insemination cycle, a conventional IVF or an ICSI, after being medicated for the growth of their follicles. Its format is Ovitrelle pre-filled syringe 250 mcg/0,5 m. First of all, other medicine that produce the follicles growth in the ovaries; afterwards, Ovitrelle is used to make these chosen follicles mature.


The active substance of this medicine is the alfa choriogonadotropin, which is a recombinant human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG recombinant), obtained through generic engineering from Chinese hamster cells. In particular, it contains alfa choriogonadotropin 250 mcg per 0,5 millimeters, an equivalent of approximately 6.500 UI. As excipients, Manitol 27,3 mg, L-methionine 0,1 mg and 0,05 mg of Poloxamer 188 can be found.

Induction of the ovulation

Ovitrelle presentation is a package of injectable solution. The estimate price is 50,63 euros.


As previously explained, it is responsible for the final maturation of ovarian follicles, trigging the luteinization, after the stimulation of follicular development.

In order to use this medicine in the correct way, you should follow your doctor’s advice and read the leaflet carefully. The most usual way of administrating this medicine is a 250 mcg/ml dose. If you are going to take it by yourself at home, or with your partner’s help, it is important you follow these steps:

  • Wash your hands, in the cleanest possible conditions.
  • Use two alcohol pads to clean the part your doctor, or the nursing staff, suggested for the injection. It is normally made in the lower abdomen.
  • Pinch the skin energetically, and introduce the needle in a 90° angle.
  • Inject Ovitrelle pushing the plumber, wait few seconds, until the medicine has entirely penetrated.
  • Remove the needle and clean with the other pad, with circular movements.
  • Throw the needle in a container for biological material, and store the medication properly.

Ovitrelle instructions

Secondary effects

Ovitrelle shouldn’t been administrated in case of allergy to chorionic gonadotropin or to any of the described excipients, if you are pregnant or during the breastfeeding. This medicine isn’t indicated in cases of uterine cancer neither, or breast or ovarian cancer. The same in case you have been diagnosed hypothalamus or pituitary tumor, as well as in these cases:

  • Ovarian cysts of a large size.
  • Bleeding within the vagina for unknown causes.
  • Abnormalities in coagulation or trombophilias.
  • Ectopic pregnancy during the last 3 months.

False positives in a pregnancy test

A pregnancy test could be positive with no embryo implantation only if the beta hCG analysis is performed before the period of time indicated by your gynecologist. The reason for this is that it detects the presence of the hCG hormone due to the use of Ovitrelle, which is similar to the one produced by the embryo after implantation (colloquially known as ‘beta-hCG’). Thus, in order to avoid disappointment, it is important that pregnancy tests are performed exactly when indicated by your doctor.

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