When a woman undergoes the assisted reproduction technique called ICSI, it is necessary to perform a controlled ovarian hyperstimulation.

The aim of the stimulation is that several follicles mature inside the ovaries and several oocytes (cell which will become an egg) are released in the same cycle. In this way more eggs can be fertilised and it is more likely that there are more quality embryos, increasing the chances of pregnancy.

Medical control

Hormones must be administered to achieve this increased stimulation.

There are several drugs in the market. The gynaecologist administers a certain type of hormone and dose depending on the weight and the age of the woman and if she has undergone prior stimulation. The treatment is personalised to the maximum to the patient in order that there is a suitable ovarian response.

Ovarian stimulation in ICSI

It is completely necessary that the patient is monitored throughout ovulation induction, the doctor can see the number of stimulated follicles and its specific size by ultrasound. The advisable number of follicles is located between 8 and 18 follicles and they are considered to be mature when each of them reach a diameter of 18 mm.

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