Ovarian Stimulation Protocols for IVF – Process & Medications Used

Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation and the monitoring of the process is the first step to perform an assisted reproduction technique called in vitro fertilisation.

The purpose of ovulation induction is to achieve growth of several follicles in order to increase the number of oocytes obtained after the ovarian puncture and therefore the number of embryos obtained and the chance of achieving pregnancy.

To do this, gonadotropins and GnRH analogues or GnRH antagonists are prescribed to the woman. There are various treatment protocols that the gynaecologist should individualise to your particular case. The dose of medicines will also be individualised depending on the age of the woman, the previous cycles, the previous ovarian response etc.

Monitoring is performed by means of periodic transvaginal ultrasound. Its purpose is to control the number of developing ovarian follicles, to schedule the time of oocytes retrieval and to measure the endometrial thickness necessary to contribute to embryo implantation.

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