Pedieos IVF Center

Founded in 1987, Pedieos IVF Center is one of the oldest fertility clinics offering egg donation and IVF treatments in Europe. With the first ICSI baby born in 1992, Pedieos has become the second world’s center that has adopted the ICSI treatment successfully.

Nowadays, Pedieos IVF has extensive ovum donation (egg donation) and sperm donation programs, where both national and international donors can be selected. This allows to choose between a wide range of donors, among which many students from colleges and universities from the island can be found.

Current egg donation success rates are as high as 60% and their prices are very competitive if compared to other European fertility centers. Besides, Pedieos IVF Center has been accredited as a Day-care Clinic by the Government of Cyprus.

Last Update: 12/03/2015
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