Gonal-f is a medicine used in artificial insemination, conventional IVF and ICSI during ovulation induction.

The recommended dose of Gonal-f depends on the aim and the specific situation of the patient.

In women with the aim of achieving an only mature follicle, as it happens in artificial and natural insemination, the treatment is to be started with 75-150 UI of recombinant FSH a day, and increased by 37,5 or 75 UI, with intervals of 7 days or, preferably, 14 days if necessary, in order to have an adequate but not excessive response. The highest daily dosage normally doesn’t exceed 225 UI of FSH.

On the other hand, in women who want to achieve multiple mature follicles, as it happens in conventional IVF, ICSI and PGD, the treatment starts on the 2nd or 3rd day of the cycle, with an administration of 150-225 UI of Gonal-f per day.

The treatment must be followed until achieving an adequate follicular development (according to the serum levels of estrogens and/or the ultrasound); the dosage must be adapted to the patient’s reaction, normally not below 450 UI per day.

Follicular development is normally reached on average before the 10th day of treatment (between 5 and 20 days).

Gonal-f in assisted reproduction techniques

This medicine is also indicated for males with hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism, in order to stimulate sperm formation. Gonal-f should be given at a dose of 150 IU three times a week, together with hCG, during at least 4 months. If after this period the patient has no responded, the combinate treatment can be followed. The present clinical experience shows that a treatment of at least 18 months may be necessary to achieve spermatogenesis.

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Source: European Medicines Agency

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