By Cristina Mestre Ferrer BSc, MSc (embryologist).
Last Update: 12/28/2015

Experiencing a loss of libido is a normal thing after childbirth. A great number of women do not wish to make love during the first days or even months after labor.

Your body is now recovering from childbirth. Gynecologists recommend waiting two or three weeks—i.e. quarantine period—, although each couple and pregnancy is different. You may feel comfortable after or before this period of time.

In case you have perineum scars derived from an episiotomy or childbirth perineal tears, you should wait a bit longer, since penetration may delay the healing process or even cause any infection.

Hormone changes

After childbirth, women experience a decrease in their estrogen levels, something that may lead to vaginal dryness and therefore cause some discomfort. You can resort to water-soluble vaginal lubricants to solve this problem, since vaseline compounds get attached to the vaginal mucosa and can hide small infections.

While breastfeeding, this situation of dryness may remain the same. Besides, women produce oxytocin, an stimulating hormone whose function is indulging your sex drive.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the baby’s arrival can have an impact on male libido as well and even lead to a loss of erectile capacity.

Psychological factors

Some women are afraid of feeling some discomfort or falling pregnant again. Stimulating other erogenous zones as well as being patient, tolerant, and affectionate are key psychological elements throughout this stage. Thus, having oral sex at the beginning is the most advisable sexual activity, and then gradually engaging into sexual intercourse involving penetration.

A great number of women are unsatisfied with their physical appearance after childbirth, being this the reason why many of them try to avoid sex. Not only your body looks different as it did before, but also flaccidity and fluid retention do not improve this situation. Look after yourself, do exercise and you will see you start thinking of yourself as a more attractive woman little by little. Pelvic floor muscle training exercises help you strengthen your vaginal muscles.

You life is not as it used to be anymore. Your are getting used to the baby and focused on taking care of him/her; therefore, it is only logical that now you prefer spending more time in your role as a mother. This, at the same time, may lead to a loss of libido.

Benefits of intercourse for new moms

The following are the two main advantages of having postpartum sex:

  • It allows time for the cervix to close after delivery, since it causes its contraction and improves its muscle tone.
  • Feeling desired increases the production of endorphins, your self-esteem, and moreover reconnects and strengthens your relationship.

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 Cristina Mestre Ferrer
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