Privacy and Data Protection Policy is a digital project property of the company DCIP Consulting, S.L., located at Calle Profesor Beltrán Baguena 5, Planta 7, Oficina 9, 46009 Valencia (España), with VAT: B53853461 and registered in the Mercantile Registrar of Alicante.

Our customers deserve the maximum level of protection in terms of security and use of personal data. Within the Forms section, we work to preserve the strictest confidentiality and respect when it comes to dealing with our customer’s data. Our Privacy Policy is presented in a clear and simple manner, and we reserve the right to update or amend it whenever we consider appropriate.

Implementation of our Policy

Our Privacy Policy applies to all individuals who register themselves on our website, as well as those who fill out any of our Forms through the corresponding section on, post comments or new forum topics, or get involved in our chat.

For our work to be properly carried out, data collection is of outmost importance. To that end, you will be asked to provide us with data related to your own self by filling out a brief Form.

With the purpose of complying rigorously with current legislation, DCIP Consulting S.L. is equipped with state-of-the-art communication technologies, as well as a personal data filling system, duly registered with the Register of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

This data filling system is due exclusively for the purpose of handling data collected through the Forms, regardless of any other forms of data collection that may exist in or in relation with our digital project.

Your data will be stored for the period of time we consider necessary in order for us to carry out our duties accurately, in accordance with our prevailing conditions and the applicable law.

Automated processing of personal data

With the purpose of complying strictly with the current law, DCIP Consulting, S.L. is equipped with the latest IT technologies, as well as a personal data filing system properly registered in the General Registry of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

This filing system is used for the management of data related to the questionnaires we receive from potential patients, aside from other data we may need to gather in order to develop our work as an online community. Your data will be stored, in accordance with our conditions and the applicable law, during the time frame that may be required in order for us to carry out our obligations adequately. Our goal is to:

  • Maintain the relationship created after the transfer of personal data by the user
  • Manage, administrate, provide, expand, and improve the services requested by our users and offered by DCIP Consulting
  • Adapt our services to the preferences of our users, in order for them to be as enjoyable as possible
  • Develop or redesign the services related to the options we offered at the beginning
  • Create direct marketing campaigns and send advertising campaigns related to the services and other products offered by DCIP Consulting in the present day and in the future, in relation to the service requested by the user

DCIP Consulting, S.L. guarantees the implementation of security measures in its database software and hardware to secure the use of confidential data in conformity with the applicable legislation in force.

Nonetheless, DCIP Consulting reserves the right to provide personal details and any other information in their power obtained through their computer systems to the competent public authorities as required under the legal and regulatory provisions that are applicable to the case.

In any case, users have the option to unsubscribe from any newsletter, or stop receiving commercial emails, as well as cancel their subscription to any communication channel used by DCIP Consulting. All they have to do is click on the link they will find at the end of every email that hits their Inbox.

Finally, users can request access to all the personal data contained about them in our automated filing system, only in cases and in a manner specified by law for the purpose of enabling them to exercise their rights of rectification, modification, and opposition.

Personal data

To guarantee the verity and precision of the data collected, the users of DCIP Consulting S.L. are kindly requested to inform or notify the company whenever they modify or update their personal data as soon as possible.

Also, we inform our users of their right to access, rectification, cancellation and objection of any of the terms established, through a signed written request to the following address: DCIP Consulting, S.L, Calle Profesor Beltrán Baguena 5, Planta 7, Oficina 9, 46009 Valencia (España).

Security and Processing of Data

In adherence to the terms established in the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, from the 13th of December, relating to Personal Data Protection (PDP), DCIP Consulting S.L. informs its users that any personal data provided either by them or our customers will be used and accessed with the strictest confidentiality by duly authorized personnel, who have only access to data collected from the Forms, Forum, Comments, or Chat sections that can be found on the website mentioned hereto.

In order for your privacy to be protected and for you to have access to our special offers with complete peace of mind, you will be given a User Name and your own Password. Users are strongly advised not to share or make them available to third parties.

In accordance with Article 6 of the PDP, by providing your personal data, you are granting unequivocal consent to DCIP Consulting S.L. for them to deal with the data provided, as explained in the previous section and with the purpose of giving you the best care possible.

By agreeing with our Privacy Policy, you are accepting to provide express consent for the inclusion of your personal data in the above mentioned data filling system, property of DCIP Consulting S.L. In case of disagreement, access to our services is not possible.

Also, accepting our Privacy Policy means you are letting DCIP Consulting S.L. provide your personal information to the medical providers we work with, so that they can render their services properly according to the Form you have previously filled out.

Consent to our Privacy Policy involves also the assignment of carefully selected data to third parties for the provision of services and commercial, marketing or promotional communications of related products through electronic media, including SMS, MMS and e-mail.

Opposition and contact

If anything, users can oppose the sending of such commercial communications by writing an e-mail to, or by filling out the form you will find if you visit this section.

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