Rest following artificial insemination

After undergoing an artificial insemination (AI) treatment, doubts always arise whether rest is necessary after the insertion of sperm, helping thus fertilisation and implantation to occur properly.

Rest following artificial insemination

As long as there is no additional problem or it is not specifically indicated by the gynaecologist, rest is not necessary after artificial insemination. No previous study has proved that rest after artificial insemination will increase the chances for pregnancy.

Usually, once the cannula is inserted into the uterus and the spermatozoa are introduced, the patient shall wait at the assisted reproduction clinic for about half an hour just for convenience and relaxation reasons. After this time, there is no reason why she cannot leave the clinic.

After returning home, women should continue with her usual lifestyle, including going to work, which means that taking time off work is not necessary. Performing leisure activities in order not to become obsessed with the treatment and getting pregnant.

Leg swelling or bloated stomach

Sometimes, mild discomfort or undesirable side effects may appear after the insemination, such as leg swelling, bloated stomach or stomach ache, or discomfort in the uterus because of movement of the cannula. However, the latter seldom occurs, since it is a very flexible cannula and the insemination is carried out very carefully.

How to avoid anxiety

Not getting pregnant plus resorting to fertility treatments may increase your stress level. In addition, complete rest and physical inactivity may do nothing other than adding anxiety to this situation.

Anxiety relief after AI

Women who get pregnant naturally are not recommended to rest or to stop doing physical exercise. Further, they usually realize about pregnancy after a few weeks. For this very reason, women who have undergone a fertility treatment should do the same.

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