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Average number of monthly visitors in the last year48.330
Number of posts768
Number of comments on posts1.211
Number of registered users1.696
Number of forum threads536
Number of replies on the forum947
Number of clinics in the directory78

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Unique pageviewsUsersPageviews
September 201776.09198.057129.697
August 201766.49187.318114.030
July 201757.71674.64699.232
June 201744.89358.82879.365
May 201741.24554.08472.358
April 201731.40240.29252.674
March 201731.47039.79752.682
February 201718.38021.22931.294
January 201719.85722.98933.606
December 201617.49020.16429.262
November 201616.97219.32426.178
October 201617.26819.34226.665
September 201620.89523.88431.639
Users per year460.170579.954778.682
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