Symptoms After Embryo Transfer – Most Common Positive Signs

By BSc, MSc (embryologist) and BSc, MSc (embryologist).
Last Update: 12/15/2016

The symptoms to expect after IVF embryo transfer may vary from woman to woman. If pregnancy occurs, the patient may start feeling positive embryo implantation signs from the 8th day post transfer onwards. However, a woman can feel no symptoms at all but have become pregnant anyways, which would mean the treatment has been successful.

Embryo Transfer (ET) is a simple, painless procedure which consists in placing the embryo(s) in the patient’s uterus. The only thing to consider is attending the doctor’s office with an almost full bladder. This will make it easier for the cannula transfer to be monitored by ultrasound scan.

The different sections of this article have been assembled into the following table of contents.

When to expect symptoms

After an IVF cycle, what follows is a period known as two-week wait, commonly abbreviated as 2WW or TWW. As the name suggests, it is a time period of 15 days during which embryo implantation is expected to occur. If pregnancy takes place—the levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)—the pregnancy hormone, will start rising.

Surviving this stage can be tough for some couples, as they are expecting their treatment to be successful and therefore early pregnancy symptoms to show up. But at the same time, by taking a pregnancy test too early, you put yourself at risk of getting a false negative result, as your hCG levels may not be enough to be detectable yet.

Should the transfer be done on day 5 (i.e. blastocyst embryo transfer), women can take a pregnancy test earlier than in cases when the embryo is transferred on day 3. This is because the beta-hCG hormone is detectable from the 14th day after fertilization, so the sooner the transfer is done, the longer the waiting period.

In humans, a fertilized ovum is most likely to adhere to the wall of the uterus about 8 to 9 days after ovulation. Nonetheless, this period depends on each woman and can range between 6 and 12 days. For an IVF cycle to be successful, the interaction of two elements is of utmost importance:

From the 8th day onwards, a woman may start feeling common implantation daily symptoms in case it has occurred, which can include nausea or morning sickness, food aversions and taste changes, breast tenderness, a slight rise in body temperature, missed period, and a rise in basal body temperature.

It should be taken into account that each woman may experience the beginning and course of pregnancy differently. This means that some may feel all the above listed signs, while others just a few of them, or no symptom at all. In some cases, early pregnancy symptoms just come and go, without it being a warning sign in principle.

Post embryo transfer symptoms

Patients who undergo IVF, with or without ICSI, should take additional supplements of progesterone to sustain their endometrial lining. Because of that, it is not possible to know whether the patient feels these symptoms because of an actual pregnancy or as a side effect of progesterone supplements.

This hormonal treatment may trigger pregnancy-like physical symptoms even if the treatment is not successful in the end. Women are likely to notice the following signs, whether embryo implantation has taken place or not:

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge: It usually appears during the first days after embryo transfer due to the woman’s elevated hormonal levels after having taken progesterone vaginally. It can be just a spotting with more or less dark brown blood.
  • Breast changes: It is not uncommon to notice that your breasts become harder, softer, or more swollen than normal. In addition, you may notice some kind of tickle all around your nipples, and that your areolas have become darker.
  • Fatigue: It is due to an increased level of progesterone in your body. With natural pregnancy, this hormone increases its concentration gradually in order to sustain the uterine lining, which is where embryo implantation takes place.
  • Nausea: It is due to the hormonal increase which takes place within the woman’s body. Nausea is indeed a typical pregnancy symptom, although not every woman presents it.
  • Constant urge to urinate: It is due to the hCG hormone. Many women undergoing this treatment inject themselves hCG shots after the transfer in order to help sustain the pregnancy in case it occurs. It may be caused by a real pregnancy or as a consequence of the injections.
  • Absence of menstruation: Your period is expected to show up approximately 14 days after the embryo transfer.

Although they are almost unimportant and less frequent, the following symptoms may also appear: insomnia, loss of appetite or desire to eat, constipation, bloating, twitches around the inner thighs, etc. Should these symptoms prevent you from leading a normal lifestyle, do not hesitate to see your doctor in order to deal with them properly.

When to be concerned after ET

An ectopic pregnancy is one of the most warning factors affecting IVF outcomes. The incidence of ectopic pregnancy is estimated to range from 1 to 3% for in vitro fertilization cycles. It is not only a cause for miscarriage after IVF, but one of the most dangerous complications derived from it.

Ectopic pregnancies occur when the embryo adheres to a part of the female reproductive system other than the uterus. Although the most common site is the Fallopian tube, it can implant to the ovary, cervix or any other part in the abdominal cavity.

The following is a list with the concerning signs and symptoms to look after, which tend to appear between weeks 5 and 14 after confirming a pregnancy:

  • Pain: It is probably the main indicator, and usually appears in the form of cramping, similar to that caused by the PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Abdominal pain may appear as well.
  • Bleeding: It is a side effect of the hormonal stimulation of the uterine cells that grow, regardless of whether the embryo is developing. It can be a heavy bleeding or a very light one.
  • Signs of pregnancy: As hormonal changes occur as in any other intrauterine pregnancy. Normal symptoms include breast tenderness or a missed period.
  • Shoulder pain: Caused by bleeding from the end of the tube, whether it is already ruptured or not. Often, women feel it while lying down.
  • Sickness: Vomiting, diarrhea, etc. are likely to occur, as if the woman had a gastrointestinal disease.

If undetected, the embryo will continue to grow inside the tube, which eventually can tear the tube and result in excessive intra-abdominal bleeding. Signs of a ruptured tube can include: shock or collapse, increased heart rate, dizziness, pastiness, etc.

An ectopic pregnancy can be diagnosed by tracking the rate of rise in blood levels of the beta-hCG hormone and a pelvic vaginal ultrasound. Usually, hCG levels doubling every 2-3 days throughout the first nine to ten weeks is a reassuring indicator. A slower rate commonly suggests a potential miscarriage.

For more information, please visit the following article: What is an ectopic pregnancy?

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FAQs from users

Which symptoms can be considered “bad” signs after embryo transfer?

By Sara Salgado BSc, MSc (embryologist).

After an embryo transfer, women are advised to visit the fertility clinic again if they feel any of the following symptoms, which are considered to be negative:

  • A heavy, period-like bleeding appears within 14 days, especially in cases of frozen embryo transfer.
  • A severe, persistent abdominal pain.
  • Your general state of health gets worse with symptoms such as flu-like general pain, migraine, fever, etc.

At the doctor’s office you will undergo any tests required in order to determine what is causing these unusual symptoms after the embryo transfer. There, you will be provided with the most suitable treatment for your particular case.

What are the most common symptoms after embryo transfer with donor eggs?

By Sara Salgado BSc, MSc (embryologist).

When a woman conceives with donor eggs, the symptoms she is expected to feel in case of a successful outcome are those of any other natural pregnancy. The only difference may be due to the side effects derived from the fertility drugs recipients should take for endometrial preparation.

The following post may provide you with further information: Early pregnancy signs after donor-egg IVF.

Is it normal to notice flu-like symptoms after embryo transfer?

By Sara Salgado BSc, MSc (embryologist).

Experiencing cold-like symptoms and a stuffy nose is a common post embryo transfer symptom, actually. This phenomenon is commonly known as “IVF cold”, and includes sneezing, nasal congestion and even coughing. As other symptoms, IVF colds are caused by changing hormone levels, whether you become pregnant or not. In fact, women taking birth control pills or undergoing hormone replacement therapy are likely to feel them too.

I have zero symptoms but got a BFP, is that normal?

By Sara Salgado BSc, MSc (embryologist).

Yes, symptoms are not an essential requirement for IVF to be successful. As explained earlier, it varies on a case-by-case basis. A woman not feeling common symptoms may get a positive pregnancy test (commonly referred to as BFP or Big Fat Positive), while others noticing every symptom listed above may end up not being pregnant.

When should I take a pregnancy test after a donor-egg embryo transfer?

By Rebeca Reus BSc, MSc (embryologist).

Like in any other IVF procedure, after an embryo transfer with donated eggs, women have to go through the two-week wait or 2WW, a time period necessary for beta-hCG levels to be detectable by a pregnancy test.

The presence of the hormone hCG in blood increases gradually from embryo implantation up until the end of the third trimester approximately. This, along with other hormonal changes, is the reason why the common pregnancy symptoms appear (nausea, vomiting, etc.)

How likely am I to have OHSS symptoms after embryo transfer?

By Sara Salgado BSc, MSc (embryologist).

It is estimated that 5% of women will develop mild symptoms of OHSS in IVF treatment, while the incidence of severe OHSS is less than 1%. Common symptoms include: pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal distension, etc.

You can find more details on this side effect of ovarian stimulation here: Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS).

I’m feeling thrush symptoms after embryo transfer, what is the cause?

By Sara Salgado BSc, MSc (embryologist).

In some cases, fertility specialists prescribe antibiotics prior to embryo transfer in order to prevent the presence of bacteria and other organisms to interfere with IVF outcomes. The use of antibiotics can cause women to develop candidiasis (vaginal yeast infection), as they can change the balance of those “good” microorganisms which help keep a healthy vaginal environment.

Nevertheless, there is no scientific proof that taking antibiotics improves the outcomes of IVF embryo transfers, so women who are prone to yeast infections should consider the use of antibiotics as just a preventive measure.

What are the common symptoms after embryo transfer if you get pregnant with twins?

By Sara Salgado BSc, MSc (embryologist).

When a woman is pregnant with twins, her beta-hCG levels are considerably more elevated than those of singleton pregnancies. Also, she might experience exaggerated pregnancy symptoms, yet it depends on each woman, as explained above.

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  1. Featured

    I did a Pregnancy Test after 3 weeks of embryo transfer and it showed negative, but the Doctor says I should come back after 2 weeks for another test. Please, is it possible to be positive then?

    • Normally, you should wait 15-17 days after the embryo transfer to do a pregnancy test and it should be reliable at this time. You did it after 3 weeks so, there is no lots of chances that it turns positive after 2 more weeks which will be 5 weeks after the embryo transfer (it is very rare).

      • Pretti

        I had my embryo transfer on day 11th of this month. I have been told to wait for 14 days for pregnancy test. After reading all your posts, just curious because from today I have on and off abdominal pain on my right side later in the night. I am on endometrium tablets twice daily as well. Should I be worried?

        • Diya


          I had my FET on 23rd July 2016 and today is the 6th day after ET. I don’t have any symptoms and I’m worried. Just want to be sure that is it possible to have no signs at all and you can be pregnant.

          My Beta-hCG is on 6th August.

          Thank you.

        • rajhi

          Sir, I had an IVF w donor eggs transfer and after 3days I have stomach pain on the left side. Please suggest what can be the causes.

          • Hello rajhi,

            3 days it’s too early for pregnancy symptoms to show… The stomach pain you’re noticing is caused by the medications you’ve taken for endometrial preparation. As long as it’s not too severe, it’s considered to be a normal symptoms after an embryo transfer, so do not worry.

          • mohd

            My wife had ET on 21 Sep,no sign still any idea what is the out come

        • iman

          So r u pregnant?? Same happening with me

      • Julia Kyaw

        I’m 27 and my husband is 40. Although we do not find any abnormal cases in both of us, we haven’t got a child even though we’ve been married for 1 year and 9 months. The doctor said unexplained infertility. Me and hubby decided to undergo IVF. My ET was done 5 days ago and I do not find any bleeding. But I feel pain in my breasts and breasts becoming bigger. I get sore throats and headache. Sometimes I feel like I have fever. I feel cold easily. Are these the symptoms of successful implantation? I’m feeling so excited and worried.

        • Jasbi

          These can be the mimics of the progesterone you are taking in during and post transfer.

          The genuine indicator of a successful implantation is implantation spotting with a coloured discharge/spot.

          The rest of symptoms cannot assure implantation has occurred.

          Even a ET with NO indication can turn to a pregnancy… so don’t give pressure to your body thinking tooo much… just chill and wait for the right time.

          • Eve Dsouza

            Hi… i got my FET on 28th of April 2017… 4 days now post transfer… all these days i had severe lower stomach pain and sticky brown discharge… im worried as is this normal. I did pregnancy test on day 3 post transfer and it came negative.

            No other symptoms i have… what will it be?

    • Denise

      Hi, I’m new to this site. I’m doing an IVF cycle and I just had an embryo transfer done on June 5th and June 17. I’ll be tested for pregnancy but I want to know if is it normal now to have cramping and light brownish pinkish with lil bit red like period only when I wiped, and if my period come should I be worried?

      • Jen Jag

        Hi Denise,

        I had a FET 1st July. Did a test on 13th day and got a BFN but was instructed to test on the 17th July. I just can’t wait.. I’m so nervous now, I can’t get any pregnancy symptoms apart from cramping, bloating and twinges. I don’t know if that’s because of Progesterone supplements. I don’t think I can make it… 🙁 So upset this time… I’m scared to test tomorrow…

        • John

          I’m new to this blog but my wife had an embryo transfer 2 weeks ago & did a test this morning which came out as negative. Our local early pregnancy unit has advised to wait another 7 days to retest. They said it’s too soon & not to use a clearblue tester as they cause a lot of unnessasary heartache. Buy a cheap test out your pharmacy as there more reliable. Good luck x

          • Nelly

            I had a 3-day ET on 9/6 2017. I did Hcg test on 21/6 and got 2.
            I still have cramps and lower abdominal pain.
            Can i still be pregnant?

          • Hello Nelly,

            I don’t understand what do you mean by “2”, is it the value of your beta-hCG test?

    • Clementina E

      I just did pregnancy test after two weeks of embryo transfer and it was negative. My doctor said I should repeat the test after one week,is it possible to get a positive result?

      • Karol

        Hi Clementina,
        I am 10 days post FET and did home pregnancy test this morning, it was negative! It is my second ICSI attempt. I am terribly disappointed. I have my blood test on Monday but have no symptoms and don’t hold out much hope. I know that it is possible but it is safer for me to start dealing with the disappointment. I have one FE left and intend to go again as soon as possible. I am tired of the meds, the weight gain and the emotional roller coaster but don’t want to give up.
        I wish you luck and really hope that it works out for you,

        • Zini

          Hi Karol, any updates about your situation above. Sounds similar to mine. I need something to give me hope, my test is on Monday.

          • win

            I had my ovulation 14 days ago. Did Fet 8 days ago. Today noticed slightly brown or pink discharge. My pregnancy test due on 4th October. Really sad that I am getting periods.

  2. Featured


    wondering if anyone can help me understand my body. I just had 2 embryos transferred from frozen 5 days ago and noticed on day 4 slight brown mucus discharge? I have had lots of cramping and period like pain and I’m really worried that I’m going to start bleeding any minute due to take preg test on the 19th (12 days from transfer day). Not too sure what this discharge means… can anybody help me?

    • That slight brown mucus discharge may be due to embryo implantation, a process which is called implantation bleeding. It occurs among some women and indicates that the embryo has implanted within the uterus. In other words, that pregnancy has occurred. It may be due as well to a slight discharge or spotting that is produced after the transfer itself.

      • Joanne donald

        Hi, I got my embryo transfer 2 days ago. This morning when I got up I had a brown mucus when I went to toilet and I’m a wee bit itchy also down there. I got two eggs transferred as they were of slightly poor quality on day five. I also have a slight pain in my left upper thigh and ovary. Do you think these are signs my period is starting or and therefore I’m not pregnant or that the eggs are embedding themselves? If I get a full on period today I take it that means it has not worked?

        • The slight brown mucus or discharge may be due to the embryo transfer catheter, because it may have touched the uterine fundus. Provided that its color is brown, it indicates that it’s “old” blood, which means it’s not an active bleeding. In other words, that it’s not important and there’s is no reason to panic.

          The discomfort you are feeling in your ovaries is totally normal after performing an ET. It’s due to the hormone medications you’re taking for the treatment. It means neither your period is about to start nor it didn’t work.

          As regards having 2 slight quality embryos transferred, there’s no problem. Specialists do this so that at least one of them implants to the uterus. Thus, you have chances of getting pregnant even though the transferred embryos were not of optimal quality.

          In conclusion, the only way you can clear all your doubts is by taking a pregnancy test. But I’m afraid you should be patient during the two-week wait and do the test after 15 days. Otherwise, the result may be a false negative.

          Best regards!

          • Tintswalo

            Hi! Sandra i’m 34yrs, i did my 2 frozen embryo on the 27th june 2017. My Dr recommended a beta test on the 6th july, which i did, the result comes back positive with 259. On the 10th of july we repeat the test which i will collect them on the 13th. My worry is that on the 11 i have experienced some bleeding. It was not heavy like my normal period but it was red and pain feels like my period pain, i’m so worried please help me. Im using crinone 8%

          • Dear Tintswalo,

            My advice is that you wait for the result of your last beta-hCG test on the 13th of July. The symptoms you’re experiencing might be due to embryo implantation or due to the medications you’ve been taking for the transfer. We won’t be able to find it out until you get the results of the test.

            Best of luck!

      • Brooke murray

        Hi. I am one day out from my two week wait after my 2-embryo transfer. I have no signs of bleeding or spotting, I am feeling good. But I just did a pregnancy test and it came back negative. I am freaking out now that it hasn’t worked!

        • Hello Brooke,

          If it’s day 16th after the embryo transfer and you got a negative result, I’m afraid it is a negative result indeed. Beta hCG levels are trustable 15 days after the ET.

          I’m really sorry for you

        • PIX


          Anyone able to put my mind at ease, please? This is my second time at IVF. I had a beautiful boy on the first attempt and frozen embroys stored. I had two frozen embryos transferred on 30th Nov, I’m due to do my pregnancy test on Sunday morning, however i couldn’t resist as im having lots of symptoms so I did a test yestarday as I was going out of my mind although it wasn’t clear at all as one line was pronounced and the other one slightly faded so on looking I guess it wasn’t sure? Will a few more days make that difference? When doing the test the hospital gave me? I know I have a son already so I’m super lucky but we’ve put everthing into this second attempt and I’m going out of my mind with this 2-week wait thing. If i do the test today or tomorrow will this make a huge difference?

          • Hello,

            I guess what you meant is that you did it on 30th October?

            Thank you for getting involved

          • PIX

            Hi, yes I did. Thanks for picking me up on that, my brain’s all over the place. Yes, on October 2015 was the ET. Pregnacy test date: 15th November. I’ve had no bleeding at all but saw boobs, tight feeling inside tummy, but swollen tummy bloated really, no apetite and increased thirst. All those symptoms could be due to the meds or all being well a positive? Just really need to know if a few days early doing the test would make a difference to the results?

          • Hello PIX,

            If you take the test now the result will be accurate enough, too. But ideally you should do it on Nov, 15th to be totally sure.

        • JM08

          I’m new with this IVF. I keep on testing my urine everyday after my embryo transfer, I must be too excited I guess. And I tested positive on urine pregnancy test only after 8 days.

        • Tintswalo

          Hi! Sandra is tintswalo here i went to collect my second betta test onthe 13th it was 2025, i also did HPT it was positive im so happy as it is my second ivf the first one failed. I will to my first sorna on monday 31st, good luck guys

    • Kellie cronin

      Hi, can anyone help me? I have 1 embryo transferred on Thursday after a frozen cycle and I am having dark brown discharge and really bad pain and shooting pains up my front. The doc said it could be all to do with the gel I have to insert everyday but I am very worried that it’s not working…

    • Zoe

      You can expect good news

  3. Featured
    vana gonzales

    Hi. I did a 2-embryo transfer on July 22, which was a 5 day. I have been having my legs hurting like I’m going to start my period. It’s that normal?

    • When the embryo implants itself to the endometrium, beta hCG hormone levels found in the woman’s organism increase. Such hormone levels may cause different symptoms such as nuisance, exhaustion, mild pain, nausea… For this reason, maybe your legs hurt because of the hormonal imbalance your body is experiencing due to pregnancy. Nevertheless, in case you’re not pregnant, it may be just a menstrual symptom indicating that your period is about to start (in case embryo implantation hasn’t occurred) or it may be just a symptom of the anxiety you feel because of the transfer and the possibility of being pregnant.

      • Tamzy

        Hi, my sister has just done her 3rd ICSI cycle and has had double embryo transfer. It’s been 5 days since her ET and has been feeling tender swollen breast and pain on her right side of breast. She saw slight brown discharge on day 2 after ET and since then she felt tired, is this a sign of implantation? Because today is day 6 after her ET and she feels fine and pain in breast has subsided. Could this be it hasn’t worked? She’s worried that it hasn’t worked…

        • Dear Tamzy,

          As you said, this could be implantation symptoms, but it also may be signs that your period is about to start. Maybe she’s pregnant, but I’m afraid the only way she can find out a reliable answer is by taking a pregnancy test, which can be done only after the two-week wait (TWW).

          Best of luck!

  4. Featured
    Shirley Soriano

    Hi please… kindly if what are the symptoms of ICSI success pregnancy… I’m in stage of 5 days past blastocyst and 6 days transfer now in my 5 days I have too much headache, left side pain and I’m feeling crumb in my uterus and a little pain in my inside part when I’m standing. It’s my 4th trial of ICSI and I’m praying this will be good news now.

    • If ICSI has been successful and therefore pregnancy’s been achieved, you are likely to notice typical pregnancy symptoms, mainly due to an increase in your levels of beta hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin). Typical symptoms include, among others: nausea, exhaustion, discomfort, swelling, etc. The symptoms you’ve mentioned are unusual though, but there’s no reason for worrying since they are not severe or strange. Therefore, perhaps they are just embryo implantation symptoms. For further information, I recommend you to read the following post: What Are the First Signs & Symptoms of Embryo Implantation?

  5. Featured
    Lily Gudino

    Hi, I had my transfer on Sunday and it was a day 5 transfer… I am feeling lots of cramping more today than the first few days! Today I woke up under the weather, not wanting to do anything… I find myself trying to find answers for any little symptom I get and trying not to play mind games! Ugh but the waiting is a torture! Took the week off work not to stress but find myself a little anxious! I just pray I have a positive test on Tuesday since is my second time around with IVF.

    • Lily,

      There are chances for you being pregnant. In fact, the pain you’ve been feeling ever since may be due to embryo implantation symptoms. However, I’m afraid you’ll have to respect the two-week wait (2WW) and then take a pregnancy test. Therefore, by the moment just continue with the medication and any indication given by your physician until then.

      You can share any doubts or queries you wish in our Post Embryo Transfer Signs & Symptoms Forum.

      Good luck!

      • Leeanne

        I had IVF done. Embryos were transferred on day 4 but quality was not good at all. Embryo only split into two. I’m now starting to feel menstrual cramps only doing hCG test on 31.

        • Rosalind

          I had my embryo transfer put back in yesterday. I just want to know if it is normal to have been sick this morning after some breakfast?
          I am a first time mum so all very new to me

  6. Featured
    factitious miz


    Actually my aunt is going through the IVF treatment. It’s been 4 days after embryo transfer. She is suffering from back pain and her body remains hot. Also she had severe constipation but that was handled after the medicine the doctor recommended. I want to know why is her back aching so much and her body temperature is high.

    • Hello,

      High body temperature is not a common symtom after embryo transfer. However, apparently is not an alarming symptom, so first of all she should stay calm. Maybe it’s due to the medication, but she should visit her doctor in order to erase any doubt.

      Hope she feels better soon.

    • Zoe

      Early signs of pregnancy

    • Madhavipradhaan

      After insertion of the embryo I felt a strong need for urination at once. After that, I have been constantly needing to urinate. It does not cause any harm?

  7. Featured


    I’ve undergone IVF and it’s 6th day of embryo transfer and I’m feeling a slightly pain near my abdomen, is this normal? I’m very tensed and waiting for 2 weeks is a torture.

    • Dear rekha,

      There is no reason to worry as feeling some abdominal pain after embryo transfer is a completely normal symptom. My advice is that you should relax, continue with you normal lifestyle and keeping your mind otherwise occupied, since high stress level aren’t helpful at all.

      Wishing you the best of luck 😉

      • Umbreen

        Hi Doctor,

        I had my 2nd embryo transferred today. My doctor prescribed me to continue the Estrace pills and progesterone. But I got Estrace from pharmacy and it says that in pregnancy it’s harmful to take it or if you are trying to get pregnant in both cases it’s harmful, but my doctor said to continue it until the pregnancy test and after it if it’s positive.

        Please advice if taking Estrace is OK after having had the embryo transferred,


    • Beverley

      I had 2 embryos transferred on 11th May. i agree that 2 week wait was a nightmare seemed to really drag, i occupied myself and carried on as normal but rested as well. i went on Monday this week 22nd for the blood test and then waited patiently watching the clock that seemed to drag more those few hrs than the 2ww. I got the call 3.30pm yesterday n we positive. Don’t give up hope! i will be happier once I’ve reach the 12week mark, better still getting through the 9 months. This time last yr I was nursing my mother who was terminally ill. She had celebrated their golden wedding on 21st May last yr, then sadly 2 days after my 2nd wedding anniversary she passed away, she had given me a financial gift before she died and we’ll we decided to try fertility so this is her gift to us and to find we pregnant day after what would’ve been their 51st wedding anniversary is special, good luck everyone xx

  8. Featured

    Hello!! Today is my 5 dpt (day post transfer) and 12 dptrigger (day post trigger) shot. I took a test this morning and was super faint line, can hardly see it, this still can be my trigger or I can still have a chance that is a positive result??

    Thank you so much!!

    • Eny, the faint line may be due either to ovarian induction or to pregnancy. We can’t say with certainty yet because, as you said, it is a bit early to detect hCG hormone levels. Therefore, you should better wait until the 2WW has passed and then take again a pregnancy test. If not, you may get a false negative result.

  9. Featured

    Hi, I did my blastocyst transfer August, 29th, my test is due Tuesday, September 8th. I have cramps on and off every day since. My breast are swollen and they are super tender and they itch like crazy… I can’t lay on my tummy anymore as it is very uncomfortable, is this normal?

  10. Featured

    Hi, I did my embryo transfer 2 weeks ago and today I am seeing blood that looks like my menstruation. Is it normal? I am yet to my pregnancy test.

    • Yes, you can do the pregnancy test because two weeks have already passed, but I am afraid to tell you that chances for pregnancy are low because the most probable outcome is that the blood you saw was just your period.

  11. Featured

    Hi, I had 3 frozen embryos transferred. 2 weeks later, I did a blood test but my doctor said I should repeat the test as the result wasn’t clear. Since I’m out of the country at the moment, I did a home kit pregnancy test at 3 weeks and it’s negative. No bleeding yet. I’m so confused, please help.

  12. Featured


    I had my blastocyst transferred on Tuesday 8 Sept, I statred having cramps since afternoon. Please advice me, I’m nervous about it now, thanks.

  13. Featured

    I did my Embryo Transfer 8 days ago and I will take my blood test in 2 days. I have felt pretty good over all… Some bloating and breast tenderness but nothing for me to worry myself since those symptoms can be pretty common but, what did worry me was today I have had bad cramping majority of the day, I did not know if that was bad or normal? I have also had diarrhea today as well 🙁 I’m a pretty positive person that just worried me a little and should I be worried! I have had NO bleeding this far, is that ok as well? Or is there suppose to be bleeding?
    Thank you so much for your time and any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Featured


    I had my 5-day embryo transfer on Sept, 2nd. I’ve experienced some cramping and bloating. I have ever since taken three pregnancy test and they came back positive. My blood work will be done on Monday. Is it possible the tests taken are a false positive?

    • Dear Dee,

      It is difficult that all three of them are false positive results, although it is not impossible. There is a possibility that it is due to hormone therapy, but chances are very low, so it is likely that you are pregnant.

      Good luck 🙂

      • dee

        The doctor confirmed that I’m pregnant.

        • Congratulations, Dee!

          • Lisa kambi

            Hello, today is my 4th day after embryo transfer and I am having cramps like crazy and I have a slightly brown discharge. I am kinda worried, is this normal?

  15. Featured

    I did pregnancy test and it was negative. How long can I wait before another try?

    • Dear Becky,

      I’m afraid if you perform a pregnancy test after the two-week wait and the result is negative, pregnancy has unlikely occurred. You can wait for 2 or 3 days to have another try, but chances are almost non-existent.

      I’m very sorry.

      Good luck on further cycles!

  16. Featured


    I had my embryo transfer today but since coming home I have had really bad pains and just wondering if this is normal as it’s my first IVF attempt


    • Dear Amy,

      What is most important now is to ensure you keep calm, don’t do physical efforts and lead a normal lifestyle. In principle, it does not seem to be or should be something severe. Now you have to wait during 15 days, that is, the two-week wait till the moment of taking the pregnancy test comes.

      Wishing you all the best.

  17. Featured
    Kim coles

    I had my transfer done Saturday, September 19th. I have a appointment to take pregnancy test on Tuesday. The ER was sooooo painful. I’m concerned because I still have cramps/pain to this day. I’m dying to go take an at-home test. My cramps feels like my period is coming. My praying there is a bun in my oven.

    • Dear Kim,

      The symptoms you’re feeling are totally normal after the embryo transfer. If you have a look at others comments, you’ll find they are experiencing more or less the same symptoms as you do. If you check our Embryo Transfer Forum, you’ll find further help.

      The pain you felt during your ER may be due to the embryo transfer catheter trespassing your cervix, because maybe yours is a bit narrow.

      As for the pregnancy test, we know the two-week wait can be a bit distressing, but I’m afraid you have no choice but to wait until 15 days are gone. Otherwise, you may get a false negative result.

      Best of luck!

  18. Featured

    Hi Sandra,

    Waiting for your reply. Please do let us know whether the test is positive tomorrow.

    Lots of baby dust…


    • Dear Sangeetha,

      I’m afraid you have no choice but to wait patiently until October, 6 to take a pregnancy test. Otherwise, you may get a false negative.

      Wishing you all the best! 🙂

  19. Featured

    I had an IVF treatment on the 18th of Sept, 10 days ago. I have been taking it very calmly and not lifting anything heavy. Today my lower abdomen feels very weak and sore as if I have been doing crunches. I am being cautious because of a miscarriage after an IUI and nine unsuccessful years not conceiving, so I am worried. Not sure if I should be alarmed or not pay too much into it?

    • Feeling a series of symptoms after doing an ET is normal, especially lower abdominal pain, which is a very common nuisance. As long as it is a slight pain, there is no reason to panic. This slight pain is usually due to the side effects of hormone medications prescribed during the treatment.

      Lower abdominal pain may be confused with embryo implantation or even with the Premenstrual syndrome (PMS); therefore, the only way to clear your doubts is through a pregnancy test, but is should be taken only in due time, that is to say, after the 2WW.

      Nevertheless, you should visit your doctor only in case this pain becomes greater.

      • Moni

        Thank you for your advice. On the 30th the Dr did a blood test and my hCG was at 530 then on Oct 2 it shot up to 1203. My first sonogram is on the 16th of Oct. Are those hCG levels healthy? Do you think there is a possibility of multiples since they transferred 2 embryos?

        Thank you

        • Beta-hCG levels are as they should, which means it is positive. Besides, it’s increased according to what is usually expected; therefore, her pregnancy is following its normal path by the moment. Even though it’s a hCG levels are high according to the figures you’ve given to me and there are chances for a multiple birth, the presence of either one or two embryonic sacs cannot be confirmed until you do the sonogram on the 16th of October.

      • Aisha

        hi dr… today i have 8th day of ET and yesterday i was feeling like period pain. After that i had brown watery discharge from night. i’am using endometrin progestron vag supository. plz reply for this problem.

        • Dear Aisha,

          Those symptoms can be early pregnancy signs or, on the contrary, a side effect of the medications you’ve been taking or a sign that your next period has just started. We won’t be able to confirm it until you take a pregnancy test.

          Best wishes

  20. Featured
    Joanne donald

    Hi, I got my period this morning, 4 days after my two frozen embryos were transferred. I take it this means my treatment has failed? ?

    • Hi again Joanne,

      If you get a heavy bleeding as usual, then it is probably your period, which may mean the treatment has failed. But if it is less abundant than before, it may be confused with the implantation bleeding. For this reason, the most advisable is to continue with the medication until it can be confirmed by means of a pregnancy test.

      I recommend that you visit the following post to get further info about the typical embryo implantation symptoms: What Are the First Signs & Symptoms of Embryo Implantation?


  21. Featured

    I had 2 assisted hatching frozen blastocyst transfer on Sept, 24. I’m so anxious since this is my 3rd attempt. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative. Is it still too early for hCG to show up on a home pregnancy test? And another curious question: Is the day of the transfer really considered day 1 or, is it day 1 a full 24 hours later? So am I really day 6 or am I day 5? Thank you. Still trying to be hopeful.

    • Dear Annie,

      It’s still too early to take a pregnancy test, since it may show a false negative. Pregnancy tests detect the hCG hormone and, to this day (Sept. 29th), hCG levels may not be detectable yet. The result won’t be reliable until 14 days after the drilling or, in case it is a blastocyst transfer, at least 9 days from the ET date).

      As for your question, day 1 starts after 24 hours once the ET is done, so on Sept. 29th you were on day 5.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  22. Featured
    Cheryl Paterson

    Hi, I had a frozen transfer (2 day-5 embryos) last Thursday. By Saturday (2 days after transfer) I started to bleed. It wasn’t as heavy as my period but far too heavy for implantation as it at times was bright red in colour but I never got any cramps like I would with my period. I find it very strange as my doctor put me on gestone injections this time due to early bleeding in my first fresh cycle (bleeding didn’t start till 7 dpt last time) and I believe I shouldn’t bleed at all whilst on them… My clinic can’t give me any help as they say they have never heard of bleeding 2 days after transfer and especially not whilst on gestone. I don’t see how this can work out as a BFP for me when I’ve bled so much during the time the embryos would be trying to implant.

    • Dear Cheryl,

      Implantation bleeding isn’t too abundant and its color usually ranges from pinkish to brownish. It usually appears a few days before the ET, although sometimes it may appear earlier or later, and even come in a varying degree.

      The Gestone injections you’ve been prescribed with are based on progesterone, which is a hormone that helps getting the appropriate endometrial thickness by triggering endometrial growth.

      Thus, even though there is bleeding in your case, there are still chances for the embryos to implant, provided that, as you said, it’s not as abundant as it is usually in your periods. The only way you can clear your doubts is, as always, through a pregnancy test.

      All the luck!

      • Annie

        Dear Sandra,

        I’m hoping you didn’t forget about me. Please reply if you can give me some advice.

        • Annie,

          I try to give you an answer as soon as possible 🙂

          You can find your doubt now cleared in your previous comment (Sept. 29th).

          Have a nice day!

      • Chinasa

        Hi Sandra,
        I’ll appreciate if you will answer quickly, I did a 3-embryo transfer on Wednesday 14/12/16 and yesterday, I had constipation which made me eat apple as it helps me purge and I have purged twice now. Is it going to affect my embryos as its my third day post embryo transfer?

  23. Featured

    I had ulcer attacks after my egg collection and it was really bad due to excessive vomiting from the anaesthesia. I was prescribed omeprazole and antacids and I have been using them even after my ET. I hope this does not affect anything. I’m on 8dpt today. I think I should stop the omeprazole now since I feel better. What do you advise? This 2ww is putting a lot of thoughts and pressure on my mind. Please, help. Thanks.

    • Areo,

      The most probable is that anesthesia didn’t sit right on you and therefore you experienced those ulcer attacks you’ve mentioned. But surely they were caused neither by the ET nor by the medications for the ET.

      As for taking Omeprazol, there is no evidence that it has an influence on the treatment results.

      I recommend that you get involved in our forum, since the questions you are posting here are very interesting for being discussed there. Here’s the link: Post Embryo Transfer Signs & Symptoms Forum.

      Thanks for participating!

  24. Featured

    Hi. I had my eggs retrieved on 11/9/15. 3 embryos of grade 1 were transfered on 14/9. On 24/9 I had spotting and slight bleeding while passing urine for few hours. Today is 17th day post transfer. I did hpt and it was negative. I have my blood test on Saturday. Any hopes?

    • Hello,

      Even though the HPT was negative, it may be implantation bleeding anyway. My recommendation is that you take a blood pregnancy test, since it is more reliable than HPT.


  25. Featured

    Hi Sandra, this is the first time I’ve ever used anything like this and hope you can help me 🙂 I had embryo transfer yesterday and since then I’ve been getting cramps in my belly and urinating a lot more frequently. Could this be a sign my embryo is implanting ? I haven’t been using hCG. Thank you X

    • Hello Zoe,

      The symptoms you are feeling are common and usually caused by the hormone-based medications you’ve been prescribed with for the fertility treatment. Besides, the answer is yes, they are typical embryo implantation symptoms, but, as always, they can be easily confused.

      The best thing to do in such case is waiting patiently for 15 days until you can take a pregnancy test 😉

      • Zoe

        Thank you for your reply Sandra, 11 days and counting. X ?

        • Zoe

          I couldn’t wait a day longer so I did my pregnancy test this morning and I’m pregnant ???? Wishing everybody else lots of luck, I know it’s hard but try and think positive! Xxx

  26. Featured


    I had 3 FET on September 24. They were 4 days mature. For first week I felt mild cramping and tender breasts but since two days I don’t feel anything except insomia and have to use washroom frequently. I am too much bloated. Burping a lot. My test is on Oct 12. Still 10 days but I hope I’m doing ok.

    • Hello Kin,

      The symptoms you mention here are totally normal and are due to the stimulation of ovarian function medications. However, insomnia and burping are not frequent and there’s no evidence that ovarian stimulation medication drugs cause them. I’m sure it’s because you are a bit nervous, which is normal, but you should try to keep your mind busy and don’t think about the result all the time.

      Good luck!

  27. Featured
    zulu GI


    My FET was done on 25th Sep. It was a day-3 trasfer 3 grade 1 – 8 cell stage, and 1 grade 2- 2 cell stage. Today is 8th day and no symptoms at all. I am 37 and this is my 3rd IVF. Too nervous.

    Please, suggest…

    • Hello zulu GI,

      As always, you have to be patient during the 2WW and then take a pregnancy test.

      Good luck!

  28. Featured

    Hi, I had one 5-day embryo transferred on 23rd September. For 3 days I had fairly heavy brown discharge and cramps. I had assumed that it was my period coming. Last night I did a test and it came back positive. I did my hCG injection on the evening of 17th September so I’m wondering if it’s likely to be a false postive. I have stopped passing blood or discharge and am due to test again on Sunday but I’, just wondering really!


    • Hi Lucy,

      It has been a long time since you took the hCG injection, that is to say, it does not have an influence on the result of your test or leads to a false positive result. The brown discharge indicates implantation bleeding. Enough days have passed, so the result you got after the HPT can be considered to be reliable. In other words, that you are pregnant. However, don’t forget to continue monitoring your symptoms until it can be confirmed through ultrasound scan.


  29. Featured

    Hi Sandra,

    I wrote to you a few days ago and now I have another question. My Dr’s office called me yesterday to tell me that I’m right on track with my hormones. My estrogen was 350 and progesterone was 24.5. I even took a HPT this morning and it was still negative. Could it be possible that I am pregnant and it’s too early to test? I had a frozen blastocyst transfer on the 24th of September. As you had mentioned to me in an earlier response, today will be day 9 since the transfer. How long does an embryo have a window to implant if it had late implantation? Please let me know what you think.


    • Dear Annie,

      As I said in my previous comment, the only way to get a reliable result is by performing a HPT after the two-week wait. Otherwise, potential implantation symptoms may be confused with those of your period or the other way round.

      Try to keep your mind busy during these days, is the best thing you can do to keep calm 🙂

      Good luck!

  30. Featured

    It’s 12 days post embryo transfer. Today I feel like I am going to get my period. Having back pain and legs are hurting. Plus tomorrow is my actual period day. But I’m taking the beta test next monday. Please, help!

    • Dear Kin,

      It may be pregnancy signs or menstrual symptoms. The only way to confirm whether you’re pregnant or not is by means of a pregnancy test, which I’m afraid you should take on day 15 post embryo transfer.

      Good luck!

  31. Featured
    Doreen kageni

    Hi, this is my 8th day since I did embryo transfer. I suddenly started bleeding heavily with some clots. My breasts are no longer sore. What’s the cause? Can I still be hopeful?

    • Hi Doreen,

      While on the 2WW, a slight bleeding is likely to appear. Such bleeding is called “implantation bleeding” and is a typical symptom. However, as I said, it is usually a slight bleeding, not a heavy one, so if you are bleeding heavily, there are chances of your period starting earlier than expected. Anyway, the only way to clear your doubts is through a pregnancy test. As for the discomfort in your breast, it may be due to the hormone medications you are taking for the treatment. The fact they do not longer sore does not translate into a failed treatment.

      Try to keep calm until 15 days have passed 🙂

  32. Featured

    Hi Sandra,

    Yesterday was my 14dpt3dt… I had my test and I had a BFP!! I’m so thankful to God… Thanks for always responding to our questions. Wishing every other Peron a BFP.

    Baby glue to us all

  33. Featured

    Hi Sandra. I’ve had my embryo transfer on the 1st of Oct and had loads of cramping and back ache. No breast soreness though. Could these be pregnancy symptoms even if I don’t have breast soreness? I took home pregnancy tests and all were negative.

    • Hello Bella,

      Yes, that could be pregnancy symptoms, but we’re unable to find an accurate result out until 15 days after the ET. The results you got on the HPT can be false negatives because in case you are pregnant, your beta-hCG levels are still too low to be detected through a HPT.

      You should be patient 🙂 Try to keep your mind busy these days

      Good luck!

  34. Featured
    Sarah cetinkaya

    Hi Sandra,

    Thought I would join in and ask you a question too ? I’m on my 10th day IVF and will get my blood test Saturday ? Just wanted to ask I’ve noticed a lot of white clear discharge today, is this normal? My breast are tender…

    Can I do a pregnancy test too on Saturday before the blood test? Being impatient hahaha

    Look forward to hearing back from you soon XX

    • Hello Sarah,

      Blood pregnancy tests are more accurate than HPT; therefore, there’s no need to take both of them on the same day. Moreover, even though you were pregnant, if your hCG levels are still low, a HPT may not be able to detect it.

      Hope this helps

  35. Featured


    I had my embryo transfer two days ago. Some people say I should be on bed for four days without getting or taking showers. How do you advise me on this? How long should I be on bed before taking my showers?

    • Hi Danielle,

      There is no problem with taking showers, you can take a shower whenever you want. Remember that after an ET, you can continue with your usual lifestyle with certain well-defined exceptions. However, what’s not recommended is taking tub baths, but as I said there’s no problem related to taking showers.

      Best wishes

  36. Featured

    Hi Sandra,

    I came across this forum and I hope you can help with a query of mine. I had 2 embryos transferred on 3rd October. This was a 3-day transfer. I had severe cramping on Sunday morning and my stomach was very painful and sensitive after this. Since then I have been getting constant cramping although it’s much less severe, more like period pains. This I could deal with but yesterday I had discharge that consisted of clumps of dried blood. I’ve this today as this. This really worries me as on my last round unsuccessful round of IVF this happened after I got a negative result. I got lots and lots of dried blood over a period of a few weeks. It was like my body was having a clean out. I’m concerned that’s what my body is doing now when it shouldn’t be. I haven’t read of these side effects anywhere and this is now worrying me. Your advice would really be appreciated.

    Thanks so much,


    • Hello Natalie,

      Those clumps of dried blood you’ve mentioned have that aspect because they consist of “old” blood, that is, non-active blood. It could be implantation bleeding, which could be a very positive sign, but I could be due also to the passage of the catheter during the ET. You should be patient during the waiting period and take a pregnancy test when it is due time.

      I wish you lots of luck

  37. Featured

    I’m 40 years old and I had my pregnancy test at home on my 15th day after embryo transfer on day 3 from egg retrieval and it showed negative and I’m going to do a blood work after a couple of days to check my hCG level. I’m not bleeding nor spotting, is it possible to be positive? And if not, when am I expecting to get my cycle and for your information my last cycle was on the 18th of September.

    Thanks; waiting for your reply.

    • Dear Nermeen,

      After the two-week wait (2WW), the outcome from a home pregnancy test is usually highly accurate; however, blood pregnancy tests are even more accurate than HPT, so you can take a blood test if you want to to confirm whether you are pregnant.

      Wishing you all the best

      • Nermeen

        Unfortunately you were right; the blood work was negative too; I got my period now. I just wanna ask you how long should I wait till I tried one more IVF or at least try to get pregnant on my own because I read that most of the women that have failed IVF they got pregnant on their own (naturally). I don’t know if this is right or not.

        • Hello again Nermeen,

          There’s no need to wait before performing the IVF again or trying to conceive naturally; you can start when your next period starts unless otherwise indicated by your doctor.

          As for getting pregnant on your own after an IVF cycle, it is not impossible, but it isn’t easy either, since if there’s a male or female factor causing infertility, natural pregnancy is unlikely to occur.

  38. Featured

    Today is the 13th day after a 5AA grade embryo transfer. The past three days, I have had a slight cramp, almost like period cramp and have been urinating a lot today. I feel like I am about to get my period. I have been taking estrogen and progesterone the entire time. Should I be worried? I go into take my blood test tomorrow morning.

    • Dear Jennifer,

      The symptoms you’ve been feeling are totally normal and could be embryo implantation signs, but we cannot be sure until you take the pregnancy test. Remember that blood pregnancy tests are more accurate than urine test, so you can consider taking a blood test to get a more reliable outcome.

      Best wishes

  39. Featured

    Hi there, I had an ET 9th October and haven’t really had any discomfort at all but today I feel as if my period is coming feeling heavy dull cramp and I had a bit of blood spotting… I’m worried that the ET hasn’t worked… Can you give me some advice?

    • Hello Mimi,

      In fact, those symptoms you’ve described could be very positive signs that the ET has indeed worked, since those are typical embryo implantation symptoms, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to confirm whether pregnancy has occurred or not until day 15 post embryo transfer. Then you can take a HPT or a blood test, being the latter more reliable than the former.

      Good luck

      • Mimi

        Hi Sandra, thank you for your feedback. I found out today that I’m pregnant. Thank you for your reassurance?

  40. Featured

    Hi there, I am 12 days past my transfer (1 grade of 2 embryos) and have been using the Crinone 8%. I started spotting 2 days ago, it’s only when I wipe. This morning I had heavier blood period like and all the symptoms (sore breast, cramps, leg pain) has gone. I have 2 days to go before my blood test and I just feel really worried. Is this normal or has my IVF attempt failed? Can you give me some advice? Thanks.

    • Dear Nia,

      The spotting and the symptoms you’ve experienced (cramps, leg pain and sore breast) are due to the hormone medication you’re taking. It may be also be embryo implantation symtpoms, which would translate into a very positive sign, since it would mean that fertilization has occurred. But we can’t confirm it yet; just keep calm and let these 2 days go before taking the blood test.

      Best wishes

  41. Featured

    Hi Sandra. I had my embryo transfer on 18 October. After 5 days I feel heavy cramp, sore breast, no bleeding I did a pregnancy test today 27 October and is negative. I’m worried, please I need your advice xx

    • Hello NB,

      If you did your embryo transfer on Oct 18th only 9 days have passed, which means it is still too early to perform a pregnancy test. Always remember that you should follow strictly the two-week wait, that is to say, you have to wait for 15 days before taking a pregnancy test. The negative you got may be a false negative result; therefore, my advice is that you repeat it again after 15 days (on November, 4).

      Best wishes

  42. Featured

    Hello there, Sandra!

    I had my ET last october 18 (3-day transfer)… today is my 10th day after the trasfer. Out of curiousity (also can’t wait for 2WW), I did a HPT and that was BFP!!!! Do you think it is still false positive result?

    • Dear Abby,

      Although it is still a little bit too early to do the HPT, if this time you got a positive result, it is likely to be positive! Anyway, my advice is that you repeat it again after the 2WW to confirm that you’re indeed pregnant.

      Best wishes

      • Abby

        Thanks for the advice, Sandra!! I will surely follow it… 🙂

        Babydust to all of us!

  43. Featured

    Hi Sandra,

    I had 4 embryos transferred on 16 Oct. It was a 3-day transfer. I had on and off menstrual cramping, breast tenderness, leg pain and frequent urination since day 2 of my ET. Day 12 was the worst of it all because it was like if my period has come and my breast soreness came down and I had severe heart burns. It’s day 14 now, and there’s no bleeding, no spotting, just slight cramps and breast soreness. I haven’t done any HPT yet because I am scared to get a negative result. Tomorrow is my beta day and this is my 2nd IVF treatment, the first one failed and I got to see my period day 6 after the ET. Right now I am scared, your advice would really help. Thanx.

    • Hello kj,

      If you read other people’s comments in this page, you’ll find out most of them experience almost the same symptoms as you’ve described here. Therefore, they are the common symptoms post embryo transfer, so the first thing I’d say is “Don’t panic!”, since there are chances to obtain a BFP result.

      Wait till tomorrow to see what you get and I hope you share the result with us 😉

  44. Featured

    Hello, it feels relieving reading all the comments… I had a 3-day, 8 cells grade B 4 embryo transfer on the 21st of October. All through yesterday my legs feel so weak warm and heavy and I felt like a little pressure inside my upper inner thigh very close to my vagina. Sometimes I get a mild back ache, but waking up now… I feel nothing. I’m so worried and the wait is killing me…

    • Hello cynthis,

      Don’t panic, the symptoms you are describing here are commom post embryo transfer symptoms. Get your mind busy during the 2WW and don’t lose hope 🙂

      I hope you can share the result with all of us!

      Best wishes

  45. Featured
    Beba Franco

    Hi! This my first post ever. I am 7 days past 5 day full blastocyst grade A 3 eggs transfered. I did a HPT yesterday and it was negative, I realize it may have been too soon. I have a bit of sore breasts and I also feel like I have a mixture of an upset stomach and heartburn. My stomach also feels firmer and looks different. I don’t know what to think because this is my first IVF and I’m scared but so hopeful. Should I do another test tomorrow? I’m supposed to go on Monday for my results.

    • Dear Beba,

      As you said, doing the HPT 7 days past the ET is too early, and therefore the negative you got could be a false negative, so don’t lose hope yet. As you may know, HPTs detect hCG levels, so if you do it too early, hCG levels may be still too low to be detectable, and that’s the reason why you can get a false negative result. My advice is, as always, that you should be patient during the two-week wait and try to keep your mind as busy as you can during these days 🙂

      Best wishes

  46. Featured

    Please help, I am 13 days past my transfer and I started spotting two days ago with cramps and also light bleeding. It seems today the bleeding has increased and I am just terrified. I also did a HPT two days ago and it says negative… I am scared to do a blood test.

    • Hello Ivy,

      I am so sorry, but if you did the HPT 13 days past your ET and the result was negative, the most probable outcome is that you are not pregnant indeed. You can take a blood test if you want to in order to ensure the result, but at day 13 it is usually a reliable result.

      Sending you strength to keep going!

      • Mildred

        Hi, I took IVF last February 26, 2016 and now it’s day 6 post embryo transfer. I think my tummy hurts a little and I can’t sleep either. Is it possible that I’m pregnant? I’m worried because I didn’t get spotting. I did a 5-embryo transfer on me, because my egg cells are very unhealthy. My lower tummy hurts little by little and I can’t sleep well. It is my first time to take an IVF cycle and I don’t know if it has been successful or not. I’m almost 3 years married and this would be my first baby if it is successful. Please, reply me. God bless you.

        • Hello Mildred,

          As you said, you’ve had 5 embryos transferred because your eggs were of very poor quality. In this case, chances of getting pregnant are higher because it was a 5-embryo transfer, and the main advantage is that the risk of multiple births is not too high because your eggs, as they present poor egg quality, have less implantation potential. With all this I mean that your treatment has a very good prognosis, so there is no reason to be concerned.

          The symptoms you’ve described are among the most common symptoms after embryo transfer. If you read previous comments on this article, you will see that most women describe very similar symptoms 🙂 Keep calm and wait for the pregnancy test due date.

          Wishing you the best of luck!

  47. Featured

    Hi Sandra,

    I’m hoping you can help. I had an ICSI transfer Wednesday, and since then I have had very upset stomach, nauseous/wind, dizziness, sore breasts. Keep putting down to the metformin and cyclogest drugs? Also I have read that you can’t make love until after 2WW. Is this true? Don’t feel like it a the moment.

    Thank you

    • Dear AMF,

      Indeed, the symptoms you’re experiencing are due to the metformin and cyclogest drugs, since it is still too early to be embryo implantation symptoms.

      As for engaging into sexual intercourse during the 2WW, there are differing views on this issue, but in general it is not recommended during the first week post embryo transfer.

      Hope I’ve clarified your doubts 😉

      • AMF

        Thank you Sandra for your reply.

        I have another question. I have started to spot a little bit of brown discharge, is this normal? On 3 day transfer, that was last Wednesday I think I’m day 9.

        • Hello AMF,

          Yes, it’s a typical symptom. But it could be due to the pass of the catheter through your uterine wall, because if it’s brown it could indicate that’s “old” blood. Anyway, it could be implantation bleeding as well, which will mean that the treatment has worked. But it will be all confirmed on day 15 😉

  48. Featured

    Hi, I just had my embryo transfer today but I’m not feeling anything yet can anyone talk to me?

    • Hello Mercy!

      Don’t panic: not every woman presents symptoms after the embryo transfer, some don’t even feel anything during the whole 2WW. It depends on each organism, so the fact that you are not feeling any symptom does not mean the treatment did not work or something like that.

      Be patient during these days 🙂

      Best wishes

  49. Featured

    Hi, I did the test today and it was negative 🙁 I was told to continue with my drugs and do a repaet next Wednesday. No bleeding or spotting, just a little weak and I’m worried… please what do you think? Is the reason for the result that the 4 embryos are still implanting or has something gone wrong? Or when do I know something has gone wrong? Please, help.

    • Hello again Cynthis,

      If the HPT was negative, I’m afraid you are not pregnant… I’m so sorry.

      Keep fighting!

  50. Featured

    Hi Sandra, you made me feel better thank you. Today is my day 4 after my embryo transfer and last night I had my hands and legs hurt with a little bit of fever that subsided and had a little fever told but I am ok now. What I need to know if all these are symptoms of pregnancy. Thanks.

    • Hi again Mercy,

      These could be early pregnancy symptoms, yes. But they could also be due to the hormone medications you’re taking for the treatment. Therefore, we won’t be able to be sure until day 15 post embryo transfer. That’s when you will perform the HPT, which will allow you to clarify any doubt 😉

      Best of luck!

  51. Featured

    Hi Sandra,

    I did my 5 day blast. on 31/10 then on Thursday I saw some brownish blood not red then it gone. Friday again I saw reddish brown blood again, but it disappeared. This Saturday on early morning it’s like my menstruation is starting. My question is: can miscarriage have happended soon after implantation or could it be something else? I have had spotting before throughout my periods all these years. Any chance that I could be pregnant? My beta test is Monday. My heart is broken, can’t hold it anymore. Why me!

    • Hello Charity,

      It is very unlikely to be a miscarriage, since it was too early for the embryo to implant. The brownish blood you saw was because of the transfer, because of the pass of the catheter through the uterine wall. That’s why it was brown and not red blood. The symptoms you are experiencing are totally normal, so don’t panic.

      Hope your beta is a BFP! Hope you share the news with us 😉

      • Charity

        Thank you Sandra.

        My beta test was negative, so painful. It shall be well one day. Thank you for your response.

  52. Featured

    Hi Sandra, thank you very much for been there for in this journey of 2 weeks. Yesterday I started vomiting and purging. The vomiting stopped but the purging continue till now with my body so weak I want to know if this is part of the pregnancy symptoms or something else. Am I reacting to some food I eat or what could this be? Today is day 6 of my embryo transfer. I’m so scared if the purging will affect my embryo. Thanks.

    • Hello Mercy,

      The purging may be due to various symptoms. Firstly, it could be just because of anxiety; if you’re continously thinking of pregnancy and in a state of distresss, this anxiety can affect your stomach, leading therefore to diarrhea. Some people channel stress this way, and it may be your case. Secondly, it may also be a symptom that your period is about to start, in which case I’m afraid it will mean pregnancy hasn’t occurred. Some women have diarrhea with their period in addition to bloating and cramping; it is usually tied to menstrual cramps. Thirdly, it could be due to the hormone medications you’re taking, which is very rare and if you think this could be the reason why you’re having diarrhea, I advise you to contact your doctor ASAP.

      Hope everything is OK,

      Best wishes

  53. Featured

    I had my eggs transferred on 24th Oct. Last night I did a test before going to bed and not long after a large soft drink. Stupid I know but it all makes you do silly things. It was a test where you have to wait for a line and nothing came. Tomorrow morning I’m doing a digital test using morning urine. Is there any chance it might be positive?

    • Hello K,

      There is no link between drinking soft drinks and your test being negative, so don’t worry about that. Anyway, if your ET was on 24th Oct. and you got a negative result on 7th November I’m so sorry the result may be negative, since the 2WW is over now and the results are accurate enough.

      I’m so sorry, do not throw in the towel

  54. Featured

    Hi Sandra, today is my day 9 and out curiosity I did pregnancy test and it shows positive. Please could be true or false? Thanks.

    • Hello Mercy,

      Although it is still too early, the positive result can be reliable, because false positive results are very rare. However, it can be accurate if you did a blastocyst transfer, was it? Anyway, my advice is that you take a blood test in a few days.

      Best luck!

  55. Featured

    A fresh cycle is more sucessful than a frozen cycle?

    • Hello Mansi,

      Although it depends on a wide range of factors such as the number of eggs, the way in which they were frozen, the lab quality, etc. it is true that generally frozen eggs have slightly lower quality than fresh eggs, which translates into a higher success rate for fresh eggs. Nevertheless, latest oocyte vitrification systems are well equipped and the chances for a frozen egg to be successful are almost the same as those of a fresh cycle. The main disadvantage of a fresh cycle is that synchronization between the menstrual cycle’s both of the donor and the recipient is required, which makes the process way more complicated that if it’s done using frozen eggs. But if this synchronization is well done, the success rate remains high.

      Hope this helps

  56. Featured

    Please, reply back. In my last month, 1 cycle became negative after a single blastocyst transfer with grade B and now I have been transferred one early and one blastcyst embryos with grade A. Can you tell me how many chances do I have for it to become a positive result? My ET was done on November, 3 and my HPT check is due on Nov, 17.

    • Dear Mansi,

      If this second time your ET was of two embryos instead of a single embryo and they were of grade A, your chances of getting pregnant are higher than the first time.

      Good luck!

  57. Featured

    Hi, I had an embryo transfer done today and was just IVF and only one egg was healthy. Just wondering, I’m taking progesterone pessaries twice a day, but why do they cause so much mucus and discharge? Is that normal? Also I resumed back to normal housework on my day of transfer, is that ok? I just can’t stay sitting down without doing the cleaning. Also I’ve got 2 boys from ICSI cycles going back 14 years ago, it’s been a long time…

    • Hello rimz,

      As for the mucus and discharge caused by the progesterone pessaries, the answer is yes, it is normal that it causes all that because when it goes out, it’s a kind of sticky substance.

      In relation to your second question, well, experts recommend to rest at least on the day the transfer is done. However, if you did not do too much effort, it won’t affect the outcome of the treatment.

      Best wishes

  58. Featured


    I did a 5-day embryo blastocyst transfer on the 3rd Nov (the embryo was hatching) and 5 days after I had a few pink spotting for two days, then it stopped for a day and now I’ve got a bit of brown mucus discharge and I’ve also got random cramping. I did a frozen embryo transfer on a natural cycle. I’m due to do a blood test on the 16th, but very confused as last month we tried again and it didn’t work.

    • Hello dimitra,

      If you read others comment’s in this post, you will find most of them mention the symptoms you’ve described here or at least very similar signs. Therefore, there’s no reason to worry, since all your symptoms are totally normal.

      Best wishes

  59. Featured

    Hello Sandra, on my day 10 I repeated the pregnancy test and it still came out to be positive. Does it mean I’m pregnant? I can’t wait for my blood test.

  60. Featured
    linda N


    I am on day 7 of a 5-day Grade 5AA transfer. Yesterday and today it feels like my period is coming. I don’t usually get any period symptoms but have had a similar feeling before. Slight cramps on the lower left side and achy vagina area. Sore boobs and extreme pain when taking my bra off and close to vomitting at smells that wouldn’t usually turn my stomach so easy. I am on day 7 and do not have my blood test until day 11. Is this a bad sign or possibly good? Any advice would be great.

    • Hello linda N,

      Those symptoms are common post embryo transfer symptoms; therefore, they could be very positive signs. But we won’t be able to be sure until day 15 post embryo transfer, that’s when you will be able to do a pregnancy test and get an accurate result.

      Best wishes

      • linda N

        Hi Sandra,

        Thank you for your reply.

        I tested yesterday (day 8 I believe) as my transfer was on the 4th November at 2 am and had a negative test. Should this be positive by now? Still having same symptoms as mentioned before and my period usually would have arrived yesterday. Also have a milky discharge, no smell, no itch, just the discharge. Thirsty all the time and live water but the taste of it at the moment is really not very nice. Very confused at the moment to be honest.

        • Hello linda N,

          It is possible that you got a false negative result, since day 8 post ET is still a little bit too early to do the test. Please, for further queries on this issue, turn to our Embryo Transfer forum.

          Thanks for getting involved 😉

  61. Featured

    Hi, just wondering, does pessaries cause women to eat a lot? Also my clothes are tight, I feel bloated, and feel like I’m getting periods and eating a lot of sweets. It’s been 4 days since I did my IVF embryo transfer. It was not a frozen cycle.

    • Hello rimz,

      There is no evidence that hormone-based medications cause the patient to ear in greater amounts, so maybe I guess it is due to anxiety and/or stress.

  62. Featured

    Hi, I’m 40 and I had my transfer done yesterday. I had cramps yesterday and a little today. I had 2 eggs transferred and they were grade A and one was a C. What are my chances? No spotting.

    • Dear Tammy,

      3-embryo transfers count on greater chances to be successful than 1 or 2 embryo transfers. Besides, grade A embryos are more likely to implan than grade C ones, so we hope in your case, at least one of them implants.

      I hope you finally share your outcome with us 😉

      Best wishes

  63. Featured

    Hello Sandra F,

    Need some advice. I had a frozen transfer 14 days ago, I am due to my pregnancy test in a day or two. Was so anxious went and got a digital at home pregnancy test. The answer said “Pregnant”!! Can this be effective? Since I tested 1 to 2 days prior to blood work. And this is just a urine test!

    • Hello Julie,

      Yes, there are great chances for you to be pregnant.

      Good luck and I hope you share the final result with all of us 😉

  64. Featured

    How early can u do a home pregnancy test? It’s been 6 days since the transfer was done on day 5.

  65. Featured

    Hi, I did 1 frozen blastocyst transfer on Nov 2. I won’t take a pregnancy test because I’m afraid. I currently am taking 3 suppositories, 1 mm progesterone oil shot, wearing an estrogen patch and taking estradiol 2 times per day. I’ve been taking all of these meds a week before my transfer and yesterday I started feeling nauseas and I still am, it’s been 24 hours. My breasts are very itchy and my nipples are tingling and senitive. My teeth hurt, and I have an odd taste in my mouth. It’s not metal but it’s odd and I have no energy. Can these be signs or is it the meds? If it’s the meds, wouldn’t it have started sooner? My test should be Monday I can’t take it till Wednesday, so I figured I would turn to you for some advice. Please help and TIA!!! This is my 10th and final IVF so I really pray this works!!! I have 1 beautiful daughter who was my 6th IVF and I’m really hoping to give her a sibling.

  66. Featured

    Hello Sandra, I did my 2 weeks blood test yesterday and the result came out positive. I want to thank you for your support all through this difficult time for me. Appreciate a great deal.

  67. Featured

    Hi Sandra, I had 1 good normal PGS tested embryo transferred on 11-13-15, a few days before the transfer. I was having mild cramps and the doctor said it was probably the progesterone suppositories and estrogen patches, and since the transfer they got stronger like period cramps and I feel bloated. Sometimes I feel the cramps more in one side and then the other. I’m concerned if it is a period coming, and on the other hand I don’t think I would be due for a period so soon. What do you think?

    Thank you

    • Hello Yane,

      Your doctor is right, these symptoms are due to the fertility hormone drugs you are taking, so don’t worry because they are totally normal. It is still too early to draw any conclusion, so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait till day 15 post embryo transfer.

      Best wishes

  68. Featured


    I am 31 and recently had 3 embryo transfers on Nov 13th, 2015. I would like to know if inserting cyclogest pessaries vaginally after the transfer would harm my embryo? Again, I keep having these cramps like my period is around the corner, though my calender says I should see it (period) by Nov 21st. Hope it doesn’t come because I really pray to get pregnant.

    What do you think?

    Thank you.

    • Dear Lily,

      Don’t worry about vaginal cyclogest pessaries, since there is no way they could harm the embryo. As for the cramps, they are within the most common symptoms after embryo transfer, so don’t worry either.

      Best wishes

  69. Featured

    Hi Sandra, after my blood test confirmed that I am pregnant last night I started spotting blood. The blood is not very pure in red even till this moment. I’m scared. What can I do?

    • Hello Mercy,

      Although a mild spotting is normal during early pregnancy, I recommend you to visit your gynecologist in order to check everything is working as it should. Or even it could be a good idea to take another blood pregnancy test, just for your own peace of mind.

      Best wishes

  70. Featured

    Hello there,

    I’m 35 years old and I had 2 extractions followed by 2 negative embryo transfers, last year. Today I had my 3rd embryo transfer from frozen. After about 5 hours from the ET I got like a pulse in my stomach and slight sensation of indigestion and nausea (I thought it was from the salad I had in the afternoon) and my eyes are feverish even though I had a nap in the afternoon. I went to toilet and I saw on the toilet paper a slightly reddish mucus/spotting.
    I thought the spotting occurred after the insertion of the speculum for the transfer, but the previous 2 times I was fine.

    I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I read your replays to the other ladies and I saw that the spotting can occur “mucus discharge may be due to embryo implantation”?

    Thank you for being here for us

    • Dear Mia,

      The symptoms you are describing to me here are totally normal after the ET, even if they occurred as soon as 5 hours after the ET. However, if all these symptoms occurred on the same day you got the ET done, it is still too early for them to be implantation symptoms. But if 8-10 days have passed after the ET, then they could be implantation symptoms, yes. However, we can’t be sure until day 15.

      Best wishes

  71. Featured

    I did my blood test yesterday and all good it’s positive. They’ve told me to stop the progesterone pessaries but is it safe? They said they were happy with my results.

    • Hello again rimz,

      Althouth some women are recommended to continue taking progesterone till week 10-12 of pregnancy, others just don’t need it. If your gynecologist told you not to continue taking it, then it’s okay, it means everything is going as expected 😉

      • Renuka

        Hi, I got my embryo transfer last Monday on November 23rd and it is 8th day of my embryo transfer, I am using crinon gel. I had period pain comes and goes, feeling hot today. I have seen discharge and I think it’s the gel but it’s like pinkish. After that, I started bleeding also and I have back pain and leg pain. Do I need to wait for blood test? What do you think?

  72. Featured


    I’m 42 yrs old and just had my embryo transfer (day 3) last Tuesday. Today is my day 6. Initially, after my transfer, I noticed a lot of vaginal discharge. But today it’s seems drier than the usual. Is that normal? Or am I getting my period soon? I haven’t experienced any bloating or cramps since the transfer which really makes me think that maybe it didn’t implant properly or something. I had a few headaches but I don’t think it’s related to the transfer or medications. Thanks!

    • Hello Belle,

      Some women do not experience any symptoms at all, which does not mean it did not work. It is still too early to draw any conclusion, so my recommendation is that you wait until day 15 post embryo transfer and see what the pregnancy test says!

      Best wishes

  73. Featured

    Hi, I found out I was pregnant yesterday. The clinic advised me to stop progesterone pessaries because they said there happy with blood tests, but isn’t it better if I continue with them? I only did an IVF cycle with one embryo transferred on day 5. What do you think? Also getting bad heartburns and going toilet more and still bloated.

    • Hello rimz,

      You can find my answer to this in your previous comment 😉

      • rimz

        Thanks for ur fast reply but if I wanted too can I take it till 12 to 14 weeks?

      • Aisha

        hi dr is my 11th day of ET, 5embryos were transferred.n ow from 3days i have brown watery discharge and today i have little bit fresh red spot when i wipe and i have also again pain like period as it was 3days before and my cycle is also short 24days.. and iam using endometrin progestron vag suppository. my last LMP was 6.7.2017.. plz repl me iam so worried.

        • Avatar de Andrea Abbad

          Dear Aisha,
          The kind of bleeding and spotting that you explain seems to be related with your next period, which would mean that the embryos have not implanted. On the other hand, some women experience light red spotting when the embryo implants. But , since your bleeding seems more abundant, it probably corresponds to the first situation.
          Best regards,

  74. Featured

    Hello Sandra,

    I just had my ET, but I’m now worried sick because during the transfer, I felt something like a pinch in my uterus. Now I’m thinking the catheter must have touched the fundus of my uterus and from my search, the catheter should not reach the uterus. How do I know this would not affect the success? What do you feel if the fund us is touched? Thank you.

    • Dear Sade,

      When inserting the catheter, it is better not to reach the fundus of the uterus, but the maximum recommended is not longer than 1.5-2 cm long. However, maybe it didn’t reach the fundus of your uterus and the nuisances you are noticing are more likely due to the hormone medications.

      Hope this helps

  75. Featured
    Susan hamer

    Can anyone help me, please? I had my 2 egg embryo transfer a week ago today. Had lots of cramping and sore swollen breasts but all cramping gone now and passing a jelly like discharge. Does this mean it’s not been sucessful?

    • Hello Susan,

      The answer to your query is no, it does not mean it’s not been successful. It is still too early to draw any conclusion. All the symptoms you’ve described to me are totally common, even the fact that some of them have disappeared. Bear in mind that not every woman experiences this process in the same way or with the same symptoms; therefore, they could be either positive or negative signs. Remember that you can take the pregnancy test not earlier than 15 days post embryo transfer, 10 days if it was a blastocyst transfer.

      Best wishes

  76. Featured

    Hi Sandra,

    This is my 1st attempt. I had my ET (3 day-3 embryos) on Dec 07, 15. Waiting for my test on 21st Dec. 15 but not having any signs or cramps or spotting at all. Is there a chance of being pregnant? Should I be worried? Should I do home pregnancy test before HCG?

    Your advice would really be appreciated.



    • Hello sanji,

      The fact that you don’t feel any signs or cramps or even spotting at all doesn’t mean the treatment hasn’t worked. Symptoms depend on each particular case, and therefore some women may not present any sign and yet be pregnant. However, maybe it hasn’t worked and that’s why you’re not experiencing any symptom. Be it as it may, if it’s day 15 after the ET, you can take a pregnancy test now and the result will be accurate.

      Best wishes

  77. Featured

    Hi, I’m 8 weeks pregnant now. Just wondering if you are familiar with bloating and popping out early. I look like I’m over 5 months, LOL!

  78. Featured

    7 days ago on date 10th December, 2015 I had my 1st time embryo transferred.

    Today, brown discharge is starting and also I’m feeling period-type pain. Is it normal or something wrong?

    • Hello rubia,

      That brown discharge is usually due to the pass of the catheter through the vagina, and that’s why it’s color is brown. Therefore, the answer to your question is yes, it’s normal.

      Wait till day 15 post ET and see what the pregnancy test says 🙂

      Best wishes

    • Jonathan

      Hello, I came across your post by accident. my wife did her first IVF implant frozen embryo last week. Today she said she has a cramp and small bleeding,(brown)… can you tell me what this was and the outcome of yours? you can maybe put my mind at rest.

      I hope your well and had some good news, as your post is from 2015.

  79. Featured

    I had transferred one frozen embryo on 22-12-2015. I experienced during past days some symptoms on and off like cramping, headache, constant urge to urinate, backache, nausea, insomnia and low blood pressure. In day 12, I found mild spotting, colored like to be beige or something like that. My medications are cyclo-progynove, prontogest and clexane. Are the above symptoms pregnancy signs or what? And when can I take a pregnancy test?

    • Dear Reham,

      If you had your ET done on 22 December, 2015 you can take a pregnancy test from 5 January, 2016, that is, the day when you wrote this comment. The symptoms you’ve described could be pregnancy signs, yes. But they can also be due to fertility drugs or even Premenstrual Syndrome symptoms (i.e. PMS symptoms). You can get an accurate result now, so my advice is that you take a pregnancy test to settle any doubt.

      I look forward to your feedback,

      Best wishes

      • Reham

        Dear Doctor,

        I’m so sad as to say that I have failed with three fresh embryos, which means we have another negative after our second attempt on frozen embryo transfer. All embryos were in 5 day blastocyst stage. Both times times I had bleeding or spotting in the 17th day after transfer. Pregnancy symptoms both times were great. During the 2ww, I had E2 tablets 3 times per day and Progesterone (injections in the first time and vaginally in the second attempt) and clexane injections.

        Why does it happen? I will get mad. Is the issue in the eggs or sperm even if it reaches to the fifth day or blastocyst stage? Or is the issue in the uterus in the two attempts? Is there something inside my womb that fights and kills our embryos? I had extremely low back pain at night and bleeding in the next morning, what does it mean? Are there any analyses which I should have done after first failed IVF cycle but our doctor didn’t request them? Our doctor told us that the first failed was destiny and no known reasons behind that. Is it logical? What can we do to raise the success rates in the future?

        Great thanks

  80. Featured

    I did egg retrieval on 11th of January, post egg retrieval was pains in my stomach, pains peeing and defecating, cramping… I went to the hospital, they checked and said it’s normal, no problems. On the 5th day post egg retrieval, still having slight pain from the egg retrieval but I went for a 5-day embryo transfer. Immediately after the transfer, I went to urinate because my bladder was too full. After urinating, I saw a clear sticky slippery mucus (like ovulation mucus) on my urine.

    Now my questions:

    1. Is that clear sticky mucus in my urine is due to the transferred embryo, since I went to urinate immediately the embryo was transferred. Is it possible that I peeded out the embryo? If it is not the embryo, please what is that clear sticky mucus? As I am afraid.

    2. Is the little pain and little cramping I’m having now from the egg retrieval or from the implantation of the transferred embryo?



    • Dear Peace,

      First of all, there is no possible way you can expel the embryo. This means that sticky slippery mucus you had right after the ET could be due either to:

      1. changes in vaginal discharge due to ovulation induction medications; or
      2. traces of the culture media used before the embryo transfer.

      As for the cramping and other symptoms you are experiencing, they are totally normal post embryo transfer symptoms. If you read previous comments posted on this article, you will find many women experience very similar symptoms. They may be due to ovulation induction medications or embryo implantation, in which case it would mean you are pregnant. However, as always, it is not possible to get an accurate result before the TWW has come to its end (day 15 post ET).

      Best wishes

  81. Featured

    My FET was on 14th Jan. and today is the fourth day. I am getting stomachache on my left side. Is it normal? Should I consult my doctor immediately? I don’t have any other specific symptoms.

    • Hello Angel,

      yes, there is no reason to panic as it is a very common post embryo transfer symptom.

      Hope I have clarified your concerns,

      Best wishes

      • Angel

        Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I was really worried, now I’m feeling better.

  82. Featured

    Hi, I got positive result! Now, what are the foods I need to take to get heartbeat of the baby? Suggest me some healthy food, please.

  83. Featured

    I had my day 5-embryo transfer on 3rd of Feb and since then have been having a pain that comes and goes. I have been urinating frequently and the pain feels like menstrual pain. I don’t know if is the Crinone gel I am using.

    • Hello Joyce,

      Today (February, 8) is still too early to take a pregnancy test, since it’s only 3 days post embryo transfer. Given that it was a 5-day embryo transfer, you can take a pregnancy test on day 10, but not earlier, as you may get a false negative result. As for the symptoms you’re feeling at the moment, do not panic because they are totally common and surely they may be due to ovulation induction drugs. If you read previous comments on this article, you will see that many women feel the same as you do. My advice is that you try to keep your mind busy throughout the 2ww.

      Best wishes!

  84. Featured

    Hello, I had my ET 6 days ago and I’m now waiting for the result. However, I am felling lower stomach pain when I walk from time to time. Is this normal? Also I would like to ask if bed rest is required in case I get a positive result. Actually this is my 2nd IVF and I got positive result also; however, it did not succeed because the fetus didn’t have heartbeat, so it lasted only till week 7.

    Looking forward to your reply,



    • Dear Glen,

      The fact that you feel lower stomach pain from time to time, in principle, does not have nothing to do with risk of miscarriage. It is one of the most common symptoms after embryo transfer, and many women experience the same symptom, without it meaning nothing bad. In fact, sometimes it is an indicator that embryo implantation has occurred, which would mean you are pregnant. However, 6 days post ET is still too early to take a pregnancy test, so I am afraid you have no choice but to wait till day 15 post embryo transfer to get an accurate result. If you take a pregnancy test earlier, you may get a false negative result.

      As for your first miscarriage, first of all I’d like to say I’m so sorry for you. However, the good news is that having experienced a miscarriage once does not mean you’ll go through another one. In case it happened again, you will be facing a case of recurrent pregnancy loss, in which case a through study of the potential causes (genetic causes, thrombophilia, etc.) may become necessary.

      I hope I have clarified all your concerns,


  85. Featured

    I had a grade C and D embryo transferred on February 17. One week after my transfer, I got a bad cold with lots of sneezes and coughs. Is there still any chance that my baby is still stick with me?

    • Hello Tammy,

      the answer is yes. In fact, there is no link between having a bad cold and the embryo transfer not working. Today is day 12 post embryo transfer, which means than you are now closer to the pregnancy test—from day 15 it will give you an accurate result.

      I hope I have been able to help,


  86. Featured

    Today is 3/4/16. I had an IVF cycle on 3/2/16 using frozen donor eggs and frozen sperm. Day 5 embryo transfer was used. The doctor suggested transferring only 1 embryo but I wanted 2, since this is my last timing trying. So, they transferred 2 embryos. I am 44 years old and hoping for good results. Pregnancy test on 3/11/16. In the last 2 days, I’ve been feeling pinches, some nausea and actually a sore back. Are these common symptoms? Curious… is it true that when you implant 2 embryos that they actually help each other implant?

    • Hello Julie,

      Yes, your symptoms are common and are due to ovulation induction drugs. It is still too early for them to be embryo implantation symptoms. As for your last question… well, there is no scientific proof that this is actually true, but it is a very common belief. It is believed that, if you use a D grade embryo (i.e. poor quality embryo), which theoretically won’t be able to implant, it may be capable of helping the other embryo (which should be of higher quality) implant. Anyhow, as I said this hasn’t been proven so it may not be true.

      I hope I have been able to help,


  87. Featured

    I had my blastocyst done on 29th Feb and have been asked to do the test on 11th March. I am having severe off and on peer back ache. Off white creamy discharge came out today as well which I normally get before my period. I am worried, please advise is the off white discharge is normal?

    • Hello Sh,

      the symptoms you’ve described are totally common among women who undergo an embryo transfer procedure. Firstly, they are due to ovulation induction drugs. Nevertheless, if they continue during the day before your pregnancy test due date, there’s also the chance they are due to embryo implantation, which is a very good sign, as it would mean the treatment has worked! Anyhow, we cannot be sure until you take a pregnancy test on day 15 post embryo transfer. Please, keep in mind that if you take it too early, you may get a false negative result.

      Best wishes!

  88. Featured

    Dear Sandra ,

    My IVF cycle with day 3 and 1 embryo transferred on Feb 23rd failed today. I don’t know what the reason could be. I am very very very much worried… Feeling very low. I was expecting a lot as I had good symptoms . Good thing is my insurance pays for 5 more cycles, but Id don’t want to postpone the days further. Is it possible to start right away with my periods starting this month? What will be the procedure and in what ways should i be careful in my next cycle? Very worried, please help!

    • Hello Pia,

      as long as you haven’t developed Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) or any other alteration or side effect, you can start with your 2nd cycle right after the first one. Anyway, as your doctor for further details.

      Wishing you the best of luck!

      • Pia

        Thanks for the response, Sandra. I am not sure if I developed OHSS. I hope not. My cycle review is tomorrow and I will get further details from nurse after that Very depressed that the cycle got failed 🙁 Even the next time, my doc would transfer only 1 embryo, as I’am 29 years old that is my insurance policy 🙁

        Hoping for best,


  89. Featured

    Hi doc,

    I had done my first IUI on 8 March 2016. Now I’m 17 days post IUI. I’m having normal and regular period cramps before my period starts. And, for the first time, breast tenderness and frequent urination. I had these cramps from the day 5 dp IUI and breast pain from 11 dp IUI. My due date is on 25th March. I’m planning to take a test on this Sunday (on 27th March). Please, advice me. Can I be pregnant or should I still be expecting my periods?? I’ve been married for 3 years now. I’m eagerly waiting to get pregnant. I’m 30 years old now.

    Pls, advice me on my symptoms. Can I be pregnant now?

    • Hello Mary,

      Sorry I couldn’t give you my feedback earlier. The symptoms you described are totally common and a very good sign if you’re still having them 15 days post embryo transfer. I guess you took a pregnancy test last Sunday, how did it go? I hope everything is fine!


  90. Featured

    I just had 2 embryos transferred from frozen 7 days ago and noticed on day 5 there is clot of blood discharge. I have had lots of cramping and period like pain today and I’m really worried that I’m going to start bleeding or menstruation. Am I successful or I might be not pregnant. Please, advice.

    • Hello Lenda,

      That symptoms are common side effects after an embryo transfer and are due to ovulation induction drugs. They don’t mean your treatment has been either unsuccessful or successful. That means you still have a 50/50 chance 🙂 My advice is that you try to keep your mind busy during the 2WW!

      Best wishes

  91. Featured

    Hi Doc,

    I posted a msg on the 22nd March but did not get any response from you.

    However, I repeated my HPT – Urine on day 16th (23rd March) and it came out POSITIVE!!!!.
    I did another test (This time a blood test) on 26th March and still POSITIVE. I am over joy and glad.

    Please confirm the cramp I am having under my abdonmen is normal?

    Looking forward to receiving your reply.

    Thank you

    • Hello Goldfish,

      Sorry for not replying to your first comment. Congratulations!!!!! The pain under your abdomen is a common pregnancy symptom, so there is no reason to be concerned. If it becomes very painful, my advice is that you visit your gynecologist to have it checked and rule out potential pregnancy complications.

      Best wishes

  92. Featured

    Hi, I am 12dp3dt and I feel sleepy and tired all the time. Is this a pregnancy sign? Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Nisrine,

      Keeping in mind that you’re on day 12 post embryo transfer, the answer is yes, it could be a pregnancy sign, although it is still a little bit too early to draw conclusions. It could be a symptom derived from fertility drugs as well. My advice is that you wait patiently until your pregnancy test due date, as that’s the only way to get accurate results.

      Best of luck!

  93. Featured

    Hello doctor, I am Laetitia. I had 13 days ago 3 embryos transferred. I have experienced cramps as period pain the first week. On day 11 I had a negative blood test (0,5) and I started having black discharge. On day 13 I had black discharge all day on my pantyliner and pinkish discharge after wiping my self. Do you think I still have a chance to test positive on day 14? Or I can stop with my Cyclogest? Thanks.

    • Hello Laetitia,

      Do you mean dark brown when you say “black discharge”? If so, this means it is “old” blood, in which case it may be due to the passage of the catheter through your vagina. However, if you are on day 13 (today 14) and provided that it is a mild discharge, it may be your menstruation, a sign of embryo implantation or a consequence of taking fertility medications. The only chance to clear any doubt is by doing a pregnancy test. However, if it is an abundant discharge, you’d better visit your doctor and have it checked.


  94. Featured

    Hello Dr, I did an ET (one, 5-day embryo) on the 4th of May. I am having mild cramps on the left side of my stomach, is it normal? Chances of identical twins?

    • Hello mmanakampe,

      Firstly, as for the symptoms you’re experiencing (mild cramps on the left side of your stomach), they are the typical symptoms after an ET, and given that it was on May, 4 they are caused by the fertility medications you’ve been taking.

      Secondly, regarding the chances of having identical twins, chances are very low, exactly the same as if it was a natural pregnancy. For that to happen, the embryo would have to split spontaneously into two, and the likelihood that this occurs does not increase even though it’s an IVF cycle.

      I hope I have been able to help,

      Best regards

  95. Featured


    This is my second time at IVF now. A frozen embryo transfer. The first time worked for me but I miscarried between 7-8 weeks, no heartbeat so very sad times. I am now on my second attempt. Since I had the FET on 5th May I have been getting stomach cramps on and off everyday for hours on end, like my stomach is swollen and constant feelings of starting my period. Im convincing myself that this is not going to work for me. I need some hope. Are these pains a sign of failed frozen embryo cycle IVF? Please advise.

    • Hello Alexandra,

      It’s not even a week since you had your frozen embryo transferred, so it’s too early for you to take a pregnancy test. The symptoms you’ve described are totally common, and usual post embryo transfer symptoms. Since it’s too early for them to be pregnancy symptoms, they’re due to the fertility medications you’ve been taking lately.

      To sum up, they don’t mean IVF didn’t work for you or vice versa; they’re just symptoms caused by fertility drugs. Was it a blastocyst embryo? In that case, you could take a pregnancy test by day 10 post transfer, you’ll be able to get accurate results by then.

      I hope I have been able to help,


  96. Featured

    Hi Sandra,

    It was a blastocyst embryo. Do you mean I would need a blood test or can I buy a clear blue reliable test? I have to go back on 19th May for my blood results but feel as though I will come on by that time. I really don’t feel hopeful with it this time round, my symptoms are totally different. If it doesn’t work are there any tests that I can get done to find out what the issue is here, whether it be implantation issues, weak embryos, etc.? I hope u know what I mean. If this fails I only have one attempt left and I’m thinking of going for a fresh cycle but with 2 excellent embryos put in me but this means I have to go through the whole process again which I am willing to do. Then on the 4th time if the 3rd cycle doesn’t work we will have to pay for it and I will do a frozen embryo cycle again hopefully with eggs they freeze from my fresh cycle. I hope u can reply to this e-mail. Thanks.

    • Hello again Alexandra,

      What I meant was a blood test, as they are more reliable than home pregnancy tests. However, for your own peace of mind, you could do it from day 10 onwards and be able to get an accurate result, but remember: not earlier, as you would be at risk of getting a false negative result.

      As for the existence of a test that helps you find out what the issue is, it depends on your particular situation, as well as the embryo grading and quality, how many attempts, etc. If you’ve experienced IVF failure twice of more, you could go for an immune or blood clotting test, among others. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is another option to see whether it is related to genetics.

      Wishing you all the best!

  97. Featured

    Hi Sandra,

    this is Sophiya. I underwent ICSI, embryo transfer was done on 5th may 2016… Today I went for blood test, i.e. bHCG and the report is 480. Is the report ok?

    • Hello Sophiya,

      Yes, the report is ok in principle. Your BHCG levels are increasing as expected, so everything seems to be okay. In fact, they are quite high taking into account the stage of pregnancy in which you find yourself. It could be a twin pregnancy, although we won’t be able to know it for sure until you take your 1st ultrasound scan.


  98. Featured
    Pallavi Hodgson

    Hi there, I had an embryo transfer on 17th May and my test date is 29th May but I experienced some lower back pain yesterday and this morning same again, plus I lost concentration, felt very tired and was burping a lot… didn’t throw up or anything… Came to work and didn’t feel well in the morning but was ok later.

    I have taken few test already and they all have come negative, do you think the above listed are positive signs?

    Many thanks 🙂

    • That symptoms are common after an embryo transfer – if you read previous comments by other ladies, you’ll realize everyone more or less experiences the same symptoms. When felt during the following few days after the ET, these symptoms are caused by fertility medications; if you continue to notice them 10 days after, then they could be embryo implantation symptoms. Anyway, the only way you’ll be able to get an accurate result is by taking the pregnancy test on 29th May.

      Best wishes

  99. Featured

    Hi Sandra,

    I had my embryo transfer on 17 August. Today is 7 days later, I have some serious bloating and now since yesterday some lower abdominal cramps, my back is also sore but I guess that is from my hormone injections and cyclogest that I am taking.
    I have been advised by my Dr to go for 9 day HCG testing. Is that still going to be accurate?

    • Hello Sandy,

      If it was a blastocyst embryo transfer, then the answer is yes, it will be accurate. Guessing that is why your Dr recommended to go for 9 day hCG testing.

      Best of luck!

  100. Featured

    Hi there, I am now 11-day embryo post transfer on my fist IVF. I have been feeling vaginal itchy for last few days. and I also got the brown discharge on my 8th-day post transfer. I am now feeling down a bit this is not working this time or something.

    Note: Normally I do feel this itchiness when I get the period.

    • Dear Bukki,

      After any gynecological proceudre, women might feel some discomfort. However, if it is moderate-to-severe itchiness and lasts more than usually, you might have a vaginal infection caused by the transfer (when inserting the catheter, there’s some chance that bacteria enter your vaginal tract, thereby causing an infection). So, ideally, my advice is that you get an urinary tract infection (UTI) test done or visit your OB/GYN to rule out the possibility of a yeast infection or any other relation infection.

      I hope this helps,


  101. Featured

    Hi Doctor,

    I am 4days post frozen 2 embryos and I have been feeling a little cramping but no implantation bleeding. I had a failed ivf last month. I know that some people don’t get implantation bleeding but if I had implantation bleeding with my first child through IUI and injectables should I get it with a second pregnancy?

    Thank you this 2ww is the worst.

    • Avatar de Andrea Abbad

      Dear Britt,
      As you say, the two-week time you have to wait for the beta-hCG results is hard. I hope that, at the end of the journey, they will give you good news.

      Every pregnancy is different and unique, this is why the symptoms of the first pregnancy cannot be extrapolated to the second one. It is completely possible to be pregnant without having implantation bleeding even if you had it the first time.

      For that reason, the only solution is to wait until you get your beta-hCG result.

      I hope I have been able to help. Good luck!

      • Tintswalo

        I have done my embryo transfer on the 13th March 2017. I have been constipated for 5 days after my ET and experienced some cramps or pain on my stomach. I did the beta-HCG on the 23rd of March it was my day 10th. The results came back negative. On the 26th of March, it was Sunday and I experienced some bleeding. The blood was pinkish, it was heavy and it went on for 2days. I called my DR, told her about the blood n she said as the result came negative maybe it is the beginning of my period. But the pain in my stomach never stops. Again on the 9th of April the blood came back, this time was red, but still not heavy, it was normal as my period. Tt went on 2days then it stopped. And at that time I was on meds PROGESTEROON AND ESTROFEM. I will go to see my Dr on the 18th of April 2017. Should I be worried or it’s obvious that I’m not pregnant?

  102. Featured

    I am back again with another update now although never got a comment on my previous thread.
    I had my 1st HCG results and the level was 341. i had another one done 96 hours later and the level was 731..As I had IVF abroad, my gynae believes this is not good…and that the embryos are bad quality or I am having an ectopic pregnancy… Anyone else… PLEASE help me… my brain is doing summersalts as I don’t know what to do and where to go.
    I have now booked a transvaginal scan on Sunday privately 🙁

    • Avatar de Andrea Abbad

      Dear Renwantstobeamum,
      Beta-hCG levels are expected to duplicate every 48 or 72 hours. If your levels does not increase following this pattern it is and indicative that the embryo is not developing as it should.

      Taking into account your first beta-hCG measurement, it should be higher than it was within 96 hours in order to be sure that the pregnancy progresses properly.

      Since it has increased, even though not as much as expected, the recommendation is to repeat the beta-hCG analysis and to perform an ultrasound.

      Best of lucks.

  103. Featured

    Hello Doc,

    My 1st IVF was done with 2 embryos transferred from frozen on 13 July with 6.8 endometrium thickness, and I can’t get any pregnancy symptoms. I don’t know if that’s because of Progesterone supplements. Is it normal? I’m very worried, My beta is on 22 July

    • Dear Deepali,

      Sorry for my delayed response.

      Not feeling any symptoms is not a negative thing. Each woman’s body works differently, so my advice is that you do not become obsessed with feeling symptoms. Many women get pregnant without even noticing symptoms, without it meaning it’s not going to work or something like that. The most accurate way to confirm whether you’re pregnant or not is by taking a pregnancy test on your due date, which as you said is on the 22nd of July. How was it?

      Best wishes!

  104. Featured

    Is it possible to have implantation a day after 5day fet?
    I had some brownish streak in discharge the day after when wiping only…

    • Hello Dharshi,

      No, it is not possible. It is caused by the transfer itself – the passage of the catheter through your vagina – and also due to the medications you’ve been taking for stimulation.

      I hope this helps,

      Best wishes

  1. LadyA

    I am 10 days past a 3 day transfer. My hcg blood test is scheduled 3/12. I am trying to be obedient and have not used an HPT. I am using Endometrin progesterone vaginal suppository. I have not had any discharge (other than the progesterone cream) or anything unusual the entire time since the transfer. Today when I withdrew the progesterone applicator, I noticed a pale pink color on it. I dismissed it. When I went to take my last dose tonight I noticed pale pink on my panty liner. It wasn’t a lot, but it was there. It doesn’t seem like a period. But I suppose it could be. I also read about cervical bleeding from the cervix being irritated by the vaginal progesterone. What do you think?

  2. Rihand

    I am on my 8th day after embryo transfer first two days i felt a little pain in my left and right ovaries and there was white discharges and my breast was hurting me on 6th and 7th day my breast didn’t hurt me anymore and i didn’t feel anything. Is this bad sign?

  3. Pallavi Hodgson

    Did it worked for you? fingers crossed xx