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Last Update: 10/29/2018

inviTRA is a digital project that belongs to the company DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L., located in C/ Profesor Beltrán Báguena 5, Planta 7, Oficina 9, 46009 Valencia, Spain, with VAT No B53853461, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Alicante, Valencian Community, Spain. This company is also responsible for the management of the project described herein. Learn more: https://www.invitra.com/about-us/.

Website registration process for users

New user registration is required in this website, namely in particular services which access and use are subject to a set of terms and conditions.

After signing up, the user received a verification email to proof the veracity of the email address provided. Without such verification, posting comments on articles or forum threads is not permitted.

Forum rules and general posting guidelines

This digital project includes several sections where users can get involved, ask questions, or share their opinions. Any person who fails to comply with the basic rules and posting guidelines described hereunder is subject to be suspended or permanently banned from the forum, that is, the account will be deleted indefinitely.


Forums and comments on articles have the purpose of providing answers to common questions raised by users. In short, to create a support community where everyone wishing to can get involved.

Minimum age

There is no minimum legal age required for getting involved, but we have a series of strict rules that everyone must comply.


The general forum and comment rules apply to all actions carried out in the forum and comment section of this website.


Moderation frequency

Our forum and comments on articles are reviewed daily (labor days) by the professional team of inviTRA (see Team).

Identity of moderators

Moderators are easily identifiable users, since they have their name or alias, along with their forum role. Moreover, if he or she is a medical specialist, the professional field is indicated, too. Distinguishing a forum role in the case of moderators in very easy, as their real name and description appear on a purple-colored background.

Deleted messages or comments

Moderators reserve the right to delete any message considered inappropriate, without prior notification to the author.

Moderators can be forum members and participate in the comments of all articles as well.

In both cases, users can ask for clarifications if they wish to.


Information provided on articles, pictures, and comments that one can find at inviTRA have been exclusively created to support, not replace, direct communication between patients and health professionals.

Privacy and confidentiality

Please, note that any message is subject to be read, used, reproduced, or quoted by other users or readers of inviTRA.

You can delete or edit your own messages after signing in.

To learn more about our Privacy Policy, click here.

Messages and moderation protocols

All publications included the date and name or nick of the user.

Administrators and moderators reserve the right to displace, edit, or delete any message that does not meet the conditions established and written in the following guidelines:

General posting guidelines:

  • Respect and honesty: This Forum gathers a large amount of users from different countries, ages, and personalities. For this reason, it is material to respect these co-habitation rules to allow everyone get involved freely, and respecting their fellow users and their opinions.
  • Guarantees and veracity: When one attempts to use the forum or post a comment on a particular article, he or she commits to publishing true and accurate information.
  • Sources of information and references: If the information provided is not based on a personal experience or is a personal question, please quote the original source or sources (references, links, etc.), as long as it is relevant and feasible.
  • Advertising: Posting messages that contain ads is not permitted, whether you do it in the form of hyperlinks or banners.
  • Moderation control: Comments on articles, new threads and answers in already existing threads, will be included in the moderation queue before being published in order for us to ensure these forum rules are met. All messages will be reviewed and approved by one of our editors previously, who will be responsible for determining whether a particular uses complies with the rules detailed herein or not. However, this is limited to the human capacity of moderation.
  • Moderation capacity: Moderation rules are implemented by staff members of DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L. Even though there exist automated systems, keeping track of, filtering, moderating, and reviewing all comments posted on online projects which, in some cases, receive over 100,000 daily visits and thousands of comments, is technically challenging. For this reason, some messages are approved in an automated way. If, at any time, you detect the presence of a message that does not comply with these guidelines, please contact as immediately so we can solve it.
  • Correct spelling: It is essential for all forum users to get their spelling right. Do not forget that you are posting on a Forum, and not using a chat or sending a SMS. Needless to say, it is not about becoming spell-checkers ourselves, but about avoiding the use of SMS language, also known as textese. Using all caps on the Internet is neither recommendable, as it is akin to shouting and makes the words look “louder”.
  • Privacy of private messages: This is probably one of the most controversial topics across the Internet network. Moderators keep close attention and apply strict criteria when it comes to determining whether a user infringes or violates the privacy or confidentiality of another user without his/her consent. Sharing publicly private messages sent by another user is strictly forbidden Any act that could lead to damaging or violating the privacy or another user will be immediately punished: the information posted will be removed, or depending on the severity, the user’s account could be temporarily suspended or directly eliminated.
  • Criminal Code: the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police can investigate internet users by following their IP address should the commit a criminal offence, such as false accusations, violation of privacy by means of information technologies (i.e. hackers), or identity theft. Threatening or pestering the users or moderators through the forum, email, or comments on posts is considered a felony under Spanish law. DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L. The database of DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L. contains all IP addresses and exact times of each one of the comments posted every user. If so required, DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L. will collaborate with the law enforcement authorities to examine the legality of such actions by providing all the user data collected in our database.
  • Personal data: DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L. reserves the right to remove a user’s personal data, or any other information, with the purpose of ensuring privacy and preventing defamation, in which case the user would be committing a crime against the honor.

Moderation protocols and permanent ban of users

We will not approve the comments or threads that:

  • Are contrary to, scorn, or threaten the fundamental rights and public freedoms contained in international treaties, and the rest of the legal code.
  • Enable, promote, or incite criminal offences, discrimination, defamation, harassment, or actions that are illicit, or fail to comply with the law, morality and generally accepted principles of morality or public order.
  • Insult, promote, incite or enable discriminatory actions, attitudes, or behaviors on grounds of gender, race, religion, beliefs, age, or condition.
  • Include, make available to, or enable access to products, elements, messages, or services for criminal purposes, or are violent, pornographic, denigrating, or fail to comply with the law, morality and generally accepted principles of morality or public order.
  • Induce or tend to induce an unreasonable state of anxiety or fear.
  • Induce or incite users to get involved in dangerous, risky, or detrimental practices for their health and mental stability.
  • Are false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated, or untimely, and may induce errors regarding the subject or the intentions or purposes of the communicator.
  • Are protected by whichever intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, without the authorization of the content’s owner for an aimed or planned use.
  • Include a copyright or any other identifying data of the rights and technical protection devices, digital fingerprints, or any information mechanism that has been deleted or manipulated previously.
  • Violates the business secrets belonging to third parties.
  • Are contrary to the right of honor, personal and familiar intimacy, or personal image rights.
  • Violate the rules on secrecy, or confidentiality of communications.
  • Constitute illicit, deceitful, or unfair publicity and, in general, constitute unfair competition.
  • Contain viruses or any other electronic element which could harm or hinder the functioning of the net, the system, or IT equipment (hardware and software) belonging to third parties, or that may damage electronic documents or files stored on said computer equipment.
  • Hinder the efficient functioning of the service due to their characteristics (e.g. file extension, format, etc.); (or) justify terrorism, advocate genocide, or theories based on revisionism.

We might delete comments on articles or forum threads for the following reasons:

  • Spelling: When a comment is illegible.
  • Flooding a forum: Bombing a thread with inappropriate or pointless comments, as well as posting off topic comments to clearly redirect the main subject of a thread, can lead to the removal or a comment or, in certain cases, the permanent ban of a user.
  • Duplicate content: If the same message is posted on multiple threads (a.k.a. copying & pasting), only one of them will be approved.
  • Already existing topics: It is very common to find various threads addressing the same or almost the same subject in the forum. For an effective functioning of this forum, it is preferable to avoid practice, as you end up splitting a topic into two threads, and reducing the visibility of certain threads.
  • Double posting/cloned topics: Submitting two or more times in a row the same topic will lead to the deleting of one or both messages. To add new information to an already existing message or reply, you should use the “edit” option instead of posting a new message.
  • Gibberish/nonsense: We reserve the right to remove threads, or isolated messages, posted by users that are or are about to be banned after failing to comply with the forum rules. You should not get involved in this type of threads. First, because your reply will be deleted along with the entire topic. Second, because you ease the moderator’s task. Third, in order not to collaborate with those who aim to bother and impede the correct functioning of the forum (the so-called trolls).
  • Women advertising their ”womb for rent”: By no means will an ad by which a woman advertises herself as a “womb for rent” be published, either implicitly or explicitly.
  • Selling medications between individuals: In accordance with the Spanish Law 29/2006 regarding the guarantees and rational use of medications and healthcare products, selling or reselling medications between individuals is strictly forbidden. DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L. reserves the right to delete immediately any thread or comment which contents induce to this practice.
  • Off topic comments: Those messages which subject is clearly unrelated to the central theme of a thread and are pointless can be deleted.
  • Spam, self-promote, and advertising: We will not publish topics containing adverts linking or talking about other websites, under it is permitted by the administrators of the forum. Advertising third-party companies is forbidden as well.
  • Posting comments, topics, or replies languages other than in English outside the forums specifically created for that purpose.

If your message has been deleted and you consider this is a mistake, you can request a review of your case through the contact form that you can find at the end of this page.

Reasons why we can ban a user:

  • Failure to comply with the moderation protocols: Anyone who fails to comply with the moderation protocol and forum rules explained above can be permanently banned.
  • Duplicate accounts: No user is allowed, under any circumstances whatsoever, to enter duplicate nicknames to write in the forum with the purpose of skipping the rules detailed herein.
  • Fake users: Giving fake testimonials is considered to be a serious breach of this forum rules, especially if their purpose is to end up serving as a promotion of an agency, clinic, or company in general. This forum has been created with the purpose of letting its users share their personal experiences and clarifying their doubts, and not with the intention of manipulating others for the benefit of agencies, clinics, or companies from this sector.
  • Submitting private messages to public forums.
  • To trigger off or bother the moderators/administrators of the forum: We will ban any person who attempts, in bad faith, to criticize the rules and posting guidelines of this forum, as well as the work of specialists and moderators in general. These actions are useless and only cause nuisance and difficult our work.
  • Using proxies (i.e. hiding your IP address) consistently to participate in our forum.

DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L. reserves the right to preserve those messages posted by banned users when other users have replied to the original topic afterwards. Removing the whole thread would exclude all users from accessing that information, and the messages that comply with the forum rules would become meaningless.

A user that has been permanently banned can request a review of the case by means of the contact form that you can find at the end of this document.

Role of moderators

The role of moderators is to create a free space that incentives participation under a pleasant atmosphere based on respect.

As long as possible, this is what a moderator does:

  • Deleting messages and posts that fail to comply with the forum rules and general posting guidelines.
  • Banning those users that impede the good functioning of the forum.
  • Replying to the messages posted by users.
  • Removing illicit content, messages, or videos.
  • Deleting messages that contain spam or ads.

Discount coupons & Promotions

Discount coupons and promotions have a series of terms of use and cancellation conditions associated, which may vary from coupon to coupon. Each discount coupon and promotion has its own specific conditions detailed within, which can be read before you download one.

Users can download coupons only. No other kind of interaction or participation is enabled.

Cost Calculator Report

  • Getting a report is totally free. It is intended for providing personalized information about clinics and fertility treatments that fit with the preferences indicated by each potential patient when he or she fills out the form.
  • Each report is absolutely personal and not transferable.
  • The report is created for informative purposes only. inviTRA will not be held responsible for any changes made by the clinics included herein in relation to the costs of the treatments offered, whether they apply to the timeline and/or work methodologies explained herein. This document will not replace the counsel of a doctor and/or lawyer in any case.
  • The only way for users to receive a report is by email. No other kind of interaction or participation is enabled.

Liability limitation of DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS

  • The user agrees to use appropriately, in accordance with the rules and posting guidelines explained earlier, and licitly this website and its contents, in compliance with the applicable law. Users should refrain from using the sections where they can interact without authorization, or with fraudulent or illicit purposes.
  • The user recognizes its exclusive responsibility for the use of the forum and the comments on articles, excluding DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L. from any responsibility.
  • DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L. will not be held responsible, or identifies with the beliefs, opinions, contents, or protests submitted by the participants in the forum in their personal capacities, and under their own responsibility.
  • DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L. shall not be held responsible of the data, websites, images, or files that are accessible through links available amongst the contents of this website, supported by the right to freedom of expression, as it is the sole responsibility of their holders. DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L., subsequently, does not approve or endorse the products, services, contents, information, data, files, or any other material available in such websites or files, or control or shall be liable for the quality, legality, veracity, or utility of such information, contents, data, or services available on the websites linked or the contents of the forum.
  • Also, the links or contents available in this website are published to extend the information available on an issue or share an alternative point of view. The fact that they are included does not mean that we accept such contents or that DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L. collaborates with the owners of such websites. Thus, we disclaim all liability in relation with them, or for the damages that it may cause for different reasons in your IT equipment (hardware and applications), documents, or files.
  • If a competent authority declares the unlawfulness of the data or contents, hence instructing their withdrawal, or if the existence of damage has been declared, and we have been specifically served notice of the legal ruling, the links indicated will be immediately withdrawn.
  • In any case, DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L. will act in accordance with the requirements in the Spanish Law 34/2002, of 11th July, on Information Society Services and E-Commerce.
  • The contents provided on this website are provided solely for informational purposes, not constituting any commercial offer, neither constituting or substituting any professional advice, either directly or indirectly, arising from the use or application of the information on this site out of its purposes.
  • DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L. does not guarantee the reliability, availability, or continuity of this website or its contents either due to technical, security, control, maintenance, web server or any other provider failures, attacks against information systems, or any other causes beyond its control, and for this reason disclaims any liability, either directly or indirectly, for them.
  • DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L. shall not be held responsible for failure, errors, or damages, either directly or indirectly, that may occur to the user’s IT equipment, or the files or documents stored within, and are derived from the quality of your IT equipment, the presence of viruses or any other malware that may damage your computer, the quality of your internet connection or access to internet, web browser malfunction, or the use of software that is not updated or is used without the appropriate license.
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