Therapeutic indications of Ovitrelle

Ovitrelle is administered to women in order to trigger ovulation during a cycle of artificial insemination, in vitro fertilisation or ICSI.

This drug consists on an alfa choriogonadotropin that has been synthesised in the laboratory thorugh genetic ingeneering processes with DNA recombination techniques. This means it’s been created artificially. This compound can be found naturally in humans too, but for its generation no human origin substance has been used. That’s why it’s called hCG recombinant.
Ovitrelle is indicated in the treatment of:

  • Women undergoing controlled stimulation of the ovulation prior to assisted reproductive techniques such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF).
  • Anovulatory or oligoovulatory adult women, i.e. women unable of ovulating or that produce few eggs after the stimulation of the follicle development.


Please note that this is a prescription-only item.

Source: European Medicines Agency

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