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Last Update: 01/30/2015

Expecting a baby when he’s been long desired is a very special moment in the life of a woman that wants to become a mother. However, we must sometimes face situations that are not pleasant, for instance, a high-risk pregnancy. It may be due to the age of the woman, because we have some health problem or for any external reason.


Doesn’t matter what happens, if you have been advised to take a series of cares, due to the fact that you have to endure a high-risk pregnancy, you must follow the indications to the letter. It’s normal, logic and natural to worry about the constant evolution of pregnancy, but your mental state must be the best possible.

Among the factors that may contribute to determine if you are facing a high-risk pregnancy are:

  • Age of the mother: The probability of suffering from high-risk pregnancy is higher from 35 on.
  • Addictions: Smoking, drinking alcohol and consuming drugs may provoke a high-risk pregnancy.
  • Medical history: If you have had to endure a cesarean or a preterm labour, the probabilities of high-risk pregnancies may increase.
  • Illnesses: Certain illnesses, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or epilepsy, increase the risks during pregnancy, and also does anemia. Suffering from an infection or mental illness may increase these risks.
  • Complications during pregnancy: There are several pathologies that may take place during pregnancy and suppose risks for the health of the mother and the baby, such as problems in the cervix, placenta or severe nausea (hypermesis gravidarium) that continue once the first trimester has passed. Other problems may be related with the amniotic fluid.

Transmitting cheerfulness

The importance of being in a good mood

It will help us relax. Pregnancy must be a quiet stage. If the mother is in a good mood, the foetus will benefit from this cheerfulness and happiness.

No one wants be a dramatic mother ever since pregnancy. The bad vibes and negativity must be left aside, so that we can smile throughout gravidity.

Avoiding stress

The most important is to think about how you are going to face your day when you wake up, no stress allowed. The best is to lie face up before starting the day and imagine that is going to be a brilliant day and that we are not going to worry unnecessarily.

Being in good spirits, having healthy habits and not feeling bad are the keys to a good pregnancy. If we take care of ourselves on the outside, we must do the same with our inside, achieving a contagious good mood and positivity.

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