Use of Ovitrelle powder

Ovitrelle contains hCG alfa, which is similar to the human chorionich gonadotropin, but it is made in laboratories by special recombinant DNA techniques. The term recombinant refers to the fact that it is completely sinthesised in the laboratory and doesn’t contain any animal substance.

This product is prescribed in assisted reproduction treatments to stimulate the ovulation and help the follicles mature after a controlled stimulation of the follicle growth.

Instructions of use of Ovitrelle powder for solution for injection 250 micrograms/0.5 ml:

  • Reconstitute the powder with the solution before its use.
  • Inject under the skin after the reconstitution.
  • Discard the syringe after the injection in a sharps container. Please follow the local law when throwing away this type of products.

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Each Ovitrelle vial is for a single use right after you open and reconstitute it.

Do not administer the solution if it contains particles or it’s not limpid. If it presents a creamy appearance it may be due to the fact that it hasn’t dissolved completely, which means that the medication won’t be effective.

The information here provided must not be considered as a substitute for your doctor’s advice. Before starting its preparation, the information pamphlet must be wholy read and the instructions displayed must be followed.

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