Waiting for AI results

If a woman has decided that time to be on motherhood has arrived but she experiences some trouble to get pregnant or if a woman decides that she was to be a single mother, one option may be visiting an assisted reproduction clinic. In such clinics, one of the most indicated treatments is artificial insemination (AI), as long as the patient is under age 35 and no severe infertility has been diagnosed.

Artificial insemination is a process which requires very little medical intervention by the fertility specialist. It just consists of inserting the capacitated sperm inside the woman and then waiting for egg fertilization by sperm to occur naturally.

Waiting time for AI results

The artificial insemination process ends up with intrauterine insemination (IUI). The gynecologist inserts the sperm within the uterine cervix by means of a flexible cannula, performing this way the insemination.

Once the process has been completed, women are recommended to rest for 15 up to 25 minutes. After that time, they can leave the clinic and return to normal life.

Waiting time for AI results starts from this moment until the pregnancy test is performed by measuring the quantity of the beta-hCG hormone. For this test to be accurate, it should not be performed before 15 days after the insemination. Over this two weeks, fertilization, embryo development and, finally, implantation may occur.

Tips for enduring the waiting time

During these two weeks, getting nervous and anxious because you want to know the results is not uncommon, since your life may change in case you get a positive result. Even though it is not easy, try not to get obsessed with it. Instead, calm down while following these tips:

  • Don’t pay attention to everything you feel: act normally.
  • Don’t try to find typical pregnancy symptoms like kidney pain, cravings, or nausea.
  • As long as your healthcare provider does not indicate otherwise, continue with your normal lifestyle as if you were not under treatment.
  • Engage in moderate physical exercise. Although major efforts are not recommended, doing exercise releases endorphins, which will make you feel better.
  • Schedule any leisure activity for the next two weeks. This way you will have plans whatever the AI result. If you are pregnant, it will be an opportunity for celebration. Conversely, if you are not pregnant, you will be busy doing something. Life continues, do not despair.
  • Share some time with your partner and your friends. Being accompanied may help you disconnect and be thinking of other things. In addition, you may have fun.

In just 15 days, you will know whether you are pregnant or not. Therefore, during this period of time you should rely upon your loved ones and always express your feelings. Don not keep anything to yourself, since this only adds to stress: it is better shared.


  1. usuario
    Olivia Fields

    Hello, 8 days ago I did my first attempt on AI and it is actually a stressing process, especially the 2WW… The only thing I’m feeling at the moment is weakness and I have a constant feeling of racing heart, or almost skipping beats. Since yesterday I feel a strong headache, with palpitations every time I stand up… This is terrible 🙁

  2. usuario


    I’m back 44 year old trying for one more sweet baby to add to my family. I had a day-5 transfer of 2 embryos (using frozen sperm and frozen donor eggs) on 3/10/16. Currently I’m in day 10 of waiting with frequent mini cramps which is really weird and shooting pains up my spine periodically. Frequently tired. Those progesterone shots in my hips are literally killing me – is this normal? Why do they have to hurt so much? Owie!

    • avatar
      Sandra F.Fertility Counselor

      Dear Julie,

      I’m afraid the answer is yes: those symptoms are normal after taking progesterone shots. Nevertheless, they may be also related to implantation cramps, which would be a very good sign.

      Best of luck!

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