Week 40 of pregnancy

At week 40 of pregnancy your baby is about to be born and leave behind all that he or she has known. After his birth, the baby will discover a whole new world and will need all your attention and constant care. For mothers this is a critical period. On one hand they fear the moment of childbirth and wonder about the things that can go wrong, and on the other, they are thrilled about the fact they will finally be able to see and hold their babies. You should enjoy this unique and special moment.

The awaited day is near. It is possible that after waiting so much you’ll want this moment to be delayed. You’ll soon have your baby with you.

The labour can be a little delayed and if it has not occurred after 42 weeks of gestation it will be induced by the doctors in order to avoid any risks for the baby.

Week 40 of pregnancy

At the end of this week the baby measures around 51 cm. and weights, in average, about 3.640 grams. If your baby’s weight is between 2.920 and 4.100 grams you don’t need to worry because these numbers are considered normal.

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