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Web Accessibility Initiatives

Web Accessibility Initiatives

Last Update: 12/11/2018

EUREKA FERTILITY (inviTRA) provides measures to improve the accessibility of its users as you can read bellow.

W3C and WCAG

certificación W3C

Quarterly review

      • A semiautomatic review is performed every three months, and a report of potential improvements in relation to the results is rendered, establishing an action plan.

Browser and device compatibility

      • This webpage is compatible and has been tested using the most important browsers in the market, including Internet Explorer 9 and subsequent versions, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
      • This website is compatible and accessible from different devices. Moreover, its contents are adapted to the screen resolution of each device using responsive web design technology. Also, we have launched the technology in all our articles, favoring loading speed and simplifying the contents substantially.

Alternatives to contextual contents

      • Pictures have an Alt text (alternative text). Moreover, when clicking on the image, one can find a more detailed description of the picture or illustration context.
      • YouTube videos can be watched with the corresponding subtitles and have the "Title" attribute.
      • The website provides an alternative for tempo dependent media, recorded-video only websites, and video players.

Identifiable and processable information via software

      • The information, structure and relations communicated through the presentation can be determined with software or are available in text form.
      • When the sequence used to introduce the contents affect their meaning, one can determine with specific software the right sequence to improve readability.
      • The website offers text identification of the elements that allow you to understand and handle the content. These elements do not depend exclusively on the sense characteristics of components such as the form, size, visual location, orientation, or sense.

Content can be seen and heard

      • Colors are not the only visual medium used to transfer information, indicate an action, ask for a reply, or distinguish a visual element.
      • The visual presentation of text and images has a color contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1.
      • Except for subtitles and text included in images, all text published on the Website can be adjusted without technical assistance to a zoom of up to 200%, without missing the contents and their functionality.
      • The Website uses text to transfer information instead of images with text, except in those cases where the image with text can be visually configured in accordance with the User's requirements, or if the particular form used to introduce text is essential for the information provided, as in the case of logotypes.

Content position does not affect readability

This Website provides Users with mechanisms that allow contents to be visually perceivable, in a way that makes it possible for readability not to be dependent of their position.

      • Text is visually perceivable in a way that makes it possible for readability not to be dependent of their position.
      • The visual presentation of text and images has a color contrast ratio of at least 4,5:1 (except for large text, text or images with text that are part of an inactive user's interface, ornamental texts or logotypes, or those that are invisible or are not part of an imagen but contain other significant visual elements).

Keyboard access

This Website allows keyboard access to all its contents:

      • All content functionalities, form and link control, can be done using a keyboard, without requiring a particular speed when pressing the keys.
      • Keyboard navigation does not block at part of the page content, preventing the User from abandoning the webpage.

Keyboard access instructions

      • Scrolling the webpage: you can do it by using the arrow keys UP and DOWN.
      • Clicking a link: you can use the tab key to focus on links and press ENTER to go to the destination page after clicking that particular link. To return to the initial webpage, you can press SHIFT + TAB.
      • Expanding the menu: place the cursor on the hamburger icon and press ENTER to expand the menu. Also, you can press ENTER in the upper part of the menu to collapse it and return to the navigation area of the website.
      • Forms: you can navigate the forms (e.g. https://www.invitra.com/en/register/) using the TAB key similarly to the way we explained above. To expand a drop-down, field-selectable menu, you can do it using the UP and DOWN arrow keys. To select a "checked", use the TAB key.

Mechanisms to read and use content

      • This Website provides users with all necessary mechanisms for them to have enough time to read and use the contents.
      • Text content or graphic illustrations do not have any time limits for being read.
      • Audiovisual content is shown using a video player than can be paused/stopped, skipped forward or backward.
      • If a link placed on the contents on this Website refers to a PDF, you can download the software "Adobe Acrobat Reader" clicking https://get.adobe.com/reader/.

Third-party contents

      • This Website uses contents that depend on third parties, such as contents served by Google Maps, YouTube, or Google Adsense. The functioning and operating of these services are dependent on the companies that own them.

Flashes and changes in luminance

      • The Website does not contain elements that can flash the User or cause a change in luminance conditions.

Helping users to navigate, find contents and determine where they are

    • We provide all necessary mechanisms to hide the blocks that repeat on the different websites.
    • Elements of this website receive the focus while navigating, in accordance with a pre-established order or sequence.
    • The keyboard cursor can be visually identified at any time on the Website.