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Fertility Support Group Program

Fertility Support Group Program

Last Update: 12/20/2018

What is the Fertility Support Group (FSG) Program?

It is a patient support program where companies, normally fertility clinics and professionals of the field of Assisted Reproduction, are active contributors, thereby providing answers to FAQs from users.

What is the purpose of the Program?

The FSG program aims to provide patients with answers to their questions or queries about infertility and/or pregnancy. Most of them seek information before visiting a fertility clinic for the first time, or during a clinical procedure. In most cases, these questions are doubts that they have not asked to their doctor in person. Through this program, what we want is for our users to have access to high-quality information. Also, we want to base our project into pluralism, since two physicians can have different solutions or viewpoints to a single problem.

Who can be part of the Program?

Fertility clinics or facilities, as well as professionals specialized in the field of Reproductive Medicine, as long as they meet the following selection criteria:

  • To have an authorization and medical license: all clinics and facilities must provide us with the number of medical accreditation from the medical council in their country, state, city or province. In the case of doctors, with their medical license number.
  • Professionalism and transparency: all centers have to share their statistical data to the societies that control the quality criteria for fertility clinics. For example in Spain, the Spanish Society of Fertility (Sociedad Española de Fertilidad - SEF), the Center for Disease Control & Prevention - CDC in the United States, etc.
  • Desire to help people suffering from infertility issues: to devote time to answer FAQs from our readers in a totally altruistic way, proves the strong desire of these doctors and embryologists for helping others

What are the Program Policies?

  • Only accredited professionals with their identification data can provide a reply to our FAQs. We will publish the clinic they work at as well.
  • Replies will be accompanied with the date when the professional or doctor wrote his reply
  • Promoting the products or services of your company through the replies is not allowed. FAQs should be answered from a medical viewpoint exclusively, based on our editorial quality policies
  • You can use medical vocabulary as long as you keep in mind that our readers are not medical experts, so answers should contain a language that is understandable for patients.
  • You can modify past replies if as a doctor you consider that additional information is required or in case a scientific improvement occurs and including it is appropriate. In these cases, we will update the date of the reply.
  • All replies are always associated with a person (medical professional), who can be professionally related to a particular company (fertility clinic or facility)
  • Clinics or centers who join the Program will receive a unique identification number.

Do users have to pay for sending questions?

No, all information published on inviTRA is at no charge for the users, and we do not offer any payable services. Doctors and specialists answer the questions provided by users in our forum, comments on articles or FAQs that they often encounter at their office, too.

How you can be part of the Program as medical staff?

If you are a professional from the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and wish to join our program, please contact us via our contact us page.