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About Us, Our Team & Contributors

About Us, Our Team & Contributors

Last Update: 11/07/2023

About inviTRA

inviTRA is a communication medium specialized in pregnancy and human fertility that was born out of the desire of its creators of helping everyone who wishes to start a family.

We are a medical internet project that has been certified with several medical accreditations, including the HON Code certificate of compliance, the Health Quality Agency of Andalusia (Health Quality Certification by the Government of Andalusia) and the WMA certificate by the Official College of Physicians of Barcelona.

Our mission is to provide high-quality information on this medical process. To this end, we have the following resources:

Who we are

Eureka Fertility S.L. is the company that owns the project and its main partner, DCIP Consulting Solutions S.L., is the company in charge of developing and managing the project. We are a company specialised in the development of medical projects and online media. We already have more than 15 years of experience in the sector.

In particular, the source project was created in 2008, and inviTRA was then born 5 years later, in 2013. Currently, a comprehensive team of gynecologists, embryologists, reproductive endocrinologists, infertility specialists, biomedicine, genetics, pharmacy, lab procedures, molecular biology, and biochemistry have joined us, creating a large community. You can see a detailed description of each member and contributor in our team page.

Eureka Fertility SL:

  • Identity-Entity: EUREKA FERTILITY S.L.
  • VAT NUMBER: B16978264
  • Postal address: Av. de las Jacarandas, 2, 46100 Burjassot, Valencia(Spain)
  • Telephone: +34 963 498 949
  • E-mail: info@eurekafertility.com
  • Company Object: Media specialising in reproductive medicine.
  • Website: https://eurekafertility.com/en/
  • Registry data: T 11064, L 8342, F 7, S 8, H V 200845, I/A 1 (19.10.21)

DCIP Consulting Solutions SL:

  • VAT NUMBER: B53853461
  • Postal address: Av. de las Jacarandas, 2, 46100 Burjassot, Valencia(Spain).
  • Telephone: +34 963 498 949
  • E-mail: info@dcip.es
  • Company Object: Consultancy.
  • Website: https://dcip-consulting.com/en/
  • Registry data: Alicante Companies Register, Volume 2763, Folio 110, Book 0, Section 8, Page A 82733.

Mission & goal of the project

Our mission is to help and provide high-quality information on Reproductive Health and pregnancy at no charge. To this end, we use a language that is adapted in a way that is understandable for anyone. Moreover, a team of graphic designers represents each procedure or condition with pictures or animated videos that allow readers to comprehend what they are reading more properly.

The profile of our audience usually meets the following criteria:

  • Users that turn to the Internet in order to find information when they have a fertility problem or during pregnancy
  • Users who have been diagnosed with a disease that leads or can lead to infertility
  • Users who want to delve deeper into the world of reproductive technologies
  • Couples who have achieved pregnancy and want to learn more about the different stages of pregnancy
  • Users who want more info about a particular medication they have been prescribed
  • Users who are willing to share their experience or story with other users or doctors

Most medical journals and blogs from clinics offer unidirectional information, depriving readers of the chance to express his/her thoughts freely. We want to achieve precisely the opposite: to offer a space where articles are open to FAQs from other users or a space where they can create a debate with other doctors, a site that allows interaction between users, always in accordance with a series of forum rules and posting guidelines based on respect.

Our values

What follows are our basic premises, the ones that guide everything we do:

100% committed team
Our team is composed of different professional profiles, from both the health sector as well as the IT, legal, financial, administrative, graphic design, translation and interpreting, and linguistic fields. Aside from contributors, our team works at the same office, which provides us with a plus of consistency and commitment that allows our project to grow.
Authority and high-quality contents
All our publications and contents have been created by licensed doctors or health professionals, graduated from the best universities. Our goal is to provide true, proven, well-defined information. Everything under an extensive process of quality control.
Scientific rigor
All publications of this website have a scientific and medical basis. Information is contrasted using well-known medical sources, including international scientific journals or publications, medical conferences, organizations, foundations, and medical-scientific associations.
Supervised contents
We are aware that, when it comes to health, a plus of safety is required. For this reason, our contents are supervised by licensed health professionals. Moreover, this supervision process pays special attention to the way articles are written, making sure it will be understood by our readership, and that all articles follow the same structure and style.
Up-to-date information
Our publications are regularly updated by our specialists to add or remove any piece of information they consider necessary. Moreover, the criteria we follow to do this is based on our statistics, which allows us to prioritize according to the most viewed pages.
Free access
All contents and consultations done by users through forums, emails, forms, or phone are 100% free and without commitment. inviTRA does not offer payable contents or services.
We want our contents to be plural. Out of scientific rigor, a doctor may have different viewpoints when it comes to tackling a single problem and reaching a variety of conclusions. It is also possible that a single topic requires multiple doctors and specialists to make their contribution. This is the reason why you may encounter different articles that have been signed by multiple authors. Also, users are invited to participate freely, which contributes to pluralism as well.
Responsible advertising
We have a clear and responsible advertising policy. Furthermore, we do not allow our advertisers to decide about or influence the contents of this Website or its editorial policies, as specified in our editorial quality policies.
Independent company
We are an independent company. inviTRA is an independent company and we do not endorse other companies or products.
Equality and diversity
We have established a well-defined equality and diversity policy to favor respect and right to inclusion for everyone, irrespective of their diverse profiles, in the work environment and society.
We believe that everybody should be able to have access to information. For this reason, we have introduced several measures to improve web accessibility.
Security and privacy
We have developed an IT security infrastructure that is based on the best security protocols so that health professionals can do their job under the best conditions. This infrastructure allows users to interact with specialists safely, protecting their privacy.

Source of monetization

We currently have two sources of income.

Advertising campaigns

As any other communication medium, this project's sources of monetization are advertising and marketing campaigns published by other companies.

To ensure our editorial quality protocols, we have created an advertising policy all companies published on the Website must comply with. inviTRA is a completely independent entity and does not endorse third companies or products.


We make a great editorial effort in articles, graphic illustrations, videos, on-site analysis of clinics, discussion forums and social networks to provide for free the best information on fertility. We appreciate any kind of help in support of our project.

Account number: 2100 2717 46 0200116691
IBAN: ES19 2100 2717 4602 0011 6691

Contact us

If you are a user or company and want to contact us, you can do so using any of the ways available in our contact page.